First Post!!!!

Good Morning 🙂

I am SO excited to finally start my own blog. I have been reading different blogs for the past couple of weeks, and have been debating as to whether or not to start my own. But, I finally gave in & figured that I would enjoy doing it 🙂

Who Am I? Well, I am 23 years old, a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida- major: Poltical Science- Pre Law.  I am now in the “real world” with a job- working 9am- 6pm everyday. As my parents would say, “Welcome to the real world Holly.” 🙂 I must admit though, I enjoy my life and where I am at. Of course there are always those days when you wish you could be a kid again…no bills, no worries, just play play play! But I have to say, I do thoroughly enjoy my life.

I live with my boyfriend in Florida. Ya know, it’s so weird to me saying boyfriend because it feels like SO much more. (hopefully soon it will be :)) He completes me in EVERY way. I really never thought that I would find someone like him. Of course we have our moments, but I swear I can only stay mad at him for like 2 minutes because then he usually makes me laugh about something.

How did I come up with the blog name? Well, it’s pretty easy to guess- I LOVE eating Greek Yogurt & apple slices- it is my lunch everyday. Creature of a certain habit for sure…

But I also just LOVE Greek yogurt in general. I was introduced to it by the blog world & now I cannot get enough of it!

Anyways, I am a HUGE exercise FANATIC! Especially running….I have been running nearly my entire life. I ran track & cross country in high school all four years & LOVED every minute of it. My coach was a former military guy, so he was INTENSE & we had crazy workouts- including 5am pool workouts…and then another workout after school for 2 and a half hours. But, he wanted to make us the best that we could be, and he definitely did that 🙂

I work out every day- which usually starts off with a treadmill run- long run (6- 10 miles) about twice a week, and then Interval (or HIIT) training the other days. I know some people think that you should not run every day, but I just really enjoy doing it. And if I do not workout then I am grumpy! It’s like STEER clear of Holly!! 🙂

I also cook alot & enjoy it very much! I typically use recipes that I find & make them healthy to the best of my ability. I do not eat red meat (pigs & cows), but I do eat white meat & fish.

That’s pretty much all about me- in my first blog 🙂 I cannot wait to get started with all of these things in the blog world!!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! Oh, and please excuse the blog design for now- I am trying to work on it. (still trying to figure out all of the little things :))

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