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Lovin’ My Ice!

Good Thursday Morning πŸ™‚

Looks like it’s going to be another BEAUTIFUL day here in Central Florida- high in the 80s & breezy!

THANK GOODNESS FOR ICE & Glutamine!! Last night before bed, I iced my ankle on & off for about an hour & then I took two glutamine pills before bed. This morning I was SO relieved to wake up to an unsore (is that a word??!) ankle! I hopped right out of bed & was thrilled! But I knew I still should probably take it a BIT easier than normal. I kind of did my own thing- based on the 10-10-10 workout, from Janetha, I did a 10-10-10-10-5-5 workout πŸ™‚

10 minutes on the treadmill- starting at 6.3 and an incline of 1% (stayed that the whole time) I increased the speed .2 every two minutes- so I ended at 7.1

10 minutes on the elliptical- 10 crossramp, 8-9 resistance

10 minutes on the stair stepper/ arc trainer- 3 resistance.

10 minutes on the treadmill (again..) but started at 6.2 this time & increased by .2 every 2 minutes- but last 2 minutes I put it at the original 7.1 (and I had it at 1 % incline the whole time)

5 minutes back on the elliptical- same as before.

5 minutes walking on the treadmill- 7 incline, 4 speed. I was going to do the arc trainer again, but a lady hopped on it right as I was finishing the elliptical, so I improvised πŸ™‚

Totals (on treadmill): miles: 2.23, splits: 8:57, 9:11, 1:55; calories: 257

Then came time to do my usual ab workout- “Whittle My Middle”- Oh She Glows workout πŸ™‚ & I did an additional 40 crunches on the Bosu ball holding an 8 lb. medicine ball & my butt exercises πŸ™‚ (30 of those babies!!) I will try to find a link for them, because boy do they WORK!!

This morning while I was at the gym, I had the TV on while I was on the machines (it’s SO nice that at Anytime FitnessΒ they have TV on each cardio machine) & I found out that StarbucksΒ was offering FREE, yes you read that correctly FREE coffee to each person who brought in their own travel mug!! So I HAD to do that!! I got ready a bit quicker today- threw on a long sundress & headed out the door!

First Stop: STARBUCKS!!

perfect way to WAKE up

and then this would be me- happy as a clam with my FREE coffee:

this would be me trying to look excited...kind of looks scary! lol!

And for breakfast I had…..


Low sugar brown sugar instant oatmeal- yum! & I had it in my Gate River Run cup πŸ™‚ Love that cup!!

Well, I suppose I should get to work- although I don’t have much to do. Looks like the other ladies in the office & I will have a nice day of chatting & catching up & talking about our plans for the weekend- because it’s ALMOST that time!! Do you have any exciting plans? I know tomorrow Craig & I are going to go to happy hour with a few friends- BEST way to end a Friday & then Saturday I’m hoping to convince him to go to the beach! That is the one thing I miss about living in Jacksonville- it was like a 20 minute (if that) drive to the beach….here in Orlando it’s like 45 minutes to an hour. But, hey at least it’s not too bad πŸ™‚

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  1. I’m going to St. Augustine, FL this weekend! I didn’t know you were in FL too! πŸ™‚

    • I was just going to leave you a comment on your blog about St. Augustine- I LOVE it there- especially @ Christmas time because they always have it decorated so beautifully!!
      I’m live in Orlando- but far from crazy Disney World lol! Moved down here from Jacksonville to go to UCF.

  2. thats the one thing i love about my gym is the tvs on the treadmill! cant beat watching modern family and jogging!

    • Oh- I know- it makes time go by SO much faster! Although when I get there in the morning the only thing on is the news…blahhh! During the weekdays @ least. But, hey I’m very up to date on the happenings in this world! lol!! πŸ™‚


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