Coupons & Happy Hour!

It’s Friday afternoon….& I am SUPER excited!! First, I think I am going to get off at 4pm instead of 5pm- which means I get to run to the bank to deposit my check (payday!! woohoo!) & then I might run to Target before I meet up with the boys for Happy Hour. Looks like plans may have changed- Fridays for Happy Hour & then Longhorn for dinner?? Who knows- they change their minds everytime. I’ll just come along for the ride 🙂 Oh & other good news is that I have COUPONS (I LOVE my coupons) for both Friday’s & Longhorn. I used to think that I might look cheap if I used them, but that’s why they have them!! Save money??! Yes please!!

Lunch was the usual- I’ll add the picture, just for good times-

Notice anything different??

 So I DID add to my lunch- those delightful animal crackers that I got yesterday 🙂 I am trying to increase my meals- & add more snacks here & there. I think it’s CRAZY that you actually can eat more & actually LOSE weight or maintain- depending on what you are trying to do.

Animal crackers & apples mixed in yogurt= delish!

Around 2:30pm I had an iced coffee – needed that afternoon pick-me-up 😉 (didn’t take a picture of it though- but just look @ my post on Wednesday to see it- if ya want 🙂 I got the same thing..)

Now I’m all awake & ready for the rest of the day!

Earlier today I got a text from Craig saying that he wanted to go to the beach tomorrow- & that MADE my day!! I was hoping that he might want to do that- usually we just go out to the pool & layout, but I was JUST reallly feeling a beach day. I think he read my mind 😉 And he even included that we should “go for an early run” first- oh that boy just knows the way to my heart! 🙂

Last thing- so, there is this lady that works near me & she is CONSTANTLY talking to herself- it is SOOOOOO annoying!! I have NO idea if she is talking to me or if she is just doing her normal talking to herself thing. It drives me BANANAS!! Because then she will be like “ya know what I mean..?” I’m like uuhhh no because I can’t even hear you!! She’s a bit off though- not to be mean. No one really gets along with her- I try to be nice to her & say good morning & all that good stuff…but sometimes I’m just thinking where is her mind at?!?

Ok that’s all 🙂 Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Friday- this will probably be my last post today, but I’ll be back tomorrow!!

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