Afternoon at the Beach

Hi 🙂

How was everyone’s Friday night & Saturday??

Last night WE did in fact go to TGI Fridays for Happy Hour- I had a Diet Red Bull + Three Olives Vodka- Rangtang. Have you heard of that?? I had never heard, or seen it yet- so I asked the bartender about it & he said it tasted like the Tang juice stuff. I was like “hmmm.” He then asked, would you like to try a little of it before you make a drink of it. I said “sure!” He goes to pour like 1/8 of a shot & gives it to me- I try it & thought I was going to DIE from the small amount that he gave me.  He said “Are you OKAY??!” I said, “yes, I’m fine- thanks! It’s just been FOREVER since I had straight vodka/ a shot.” He just laughed at me. So, I did end up getting it mixed with Diet Red Bull. (sorry no pics, but I did find some on google. Don’t you just love Google??? I google nearly everything! :))

Cool bottle design eh??


Full of those lovely chemicals..

After Happy hour, we went over to Longhorn for dinner. Definitely not my favorite, since I don’t eat red meat, but the salad is really good. Ha- that sounds so lame- I go to Longhorn STEAK house for a salad! 😉 It was good- I got the Sonoma Chicken Salad w/ dressing on the side.  & a piece of bread. Oh, and maybe a glass of Pinot Grigio..?! 😉


We had a really good night with friends & we got home by 10pm- which makes the night PERFECT! Of course right when we got home I crawled into bed– wayyyyy past my normal time. (but, hey, it was Friday)

This morning Craig & I got up & went for a run- it was a total of 3.14 miles in 27:59 minutes. We ran around our neighborhood & the nearby areas- and there is a park that we run in sometimes, well it has a nice running lap that is about 3/4 mile long. When we got near I told Craig I was going to go ahead & run ahead of him & do my speed work. (He does run, but he doesn’t do races like I do- he does it to keep in shape- SO glad he enjoys running with me!! :)) I went ahead and did the lap in about 6 minute pace!!! I looked at my watch when I checked the split & did a little fist pump— LOL!! After I did it I though…oh my- I am such a NERD! I felt like a Jersey Shore cast member 🙂

I also did a bunch of ab exercises on the Stability ball & lunges.

When we got home, I made breakfast- which was not much but I wasn’t hungry…

One Flat Out



Strawberry Jelly


I toasted it & then added the jelly- Yum Yum!

After breakfast we got ready for the beach- & put our sunscreen on 😉

No sun burn for us!!

Cocoa Beach

It was the perfect day for the beach- not too bright of sun, kind of overcast & breezy. SO nice out & I got some sun- nice & tan 😉

We didn’t get any lunch- we normally don’t at the beach. With all of the sun I just don’t really get hungry, but we need bring snacks. I had a few of these…

Animal Crackers!

We headed back home around 4pm & then I went out & got us dinner- didn’t feel like cooking.

I got Craig:

Bojangles- 4 piece supreme

And I went & got:

Designer Greens!

My Salad:

Nom Nom Nom

It was delicious & I am STUFFED!!

Oh, this new Frozen Yogurt place opened near us- called Simply Yogurt (I think) But, it’s like  Mochi- where you pick your flavor of frozen yogurt & then you pick out all of your topping! I’m so excited to try mine- I got Cake batter & I got Craig Peanut Butter. But, since it JUST opened THIS weekend they had everything buy one, get one free!! It was SUCH a great deal 🙂

That’s the plan for the rest of the evening- try the yogurt & watch a movie/ catch up on Real Housewives of NYC.


My favorite was Bethenny/ kind of still is- but this season has been SO much arguing & fighting! It’s like NON stop. So, I’m kind of not playing favorites this year 🙂

Do you have a favorite housewife of NYC?? I love all of those Real Housewives series- except Atlanta- never got into that one.

Have a GREAT rest of the night!!! 🙂

Oh- my photos are acting weird again- I rotated them all the right way, but they are still showing sideways. I will try fixing them again later…

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  1. aww I’m jealous that you got to go to the beach! Its nice that you live so close to the ocean. YOu live in Orlando right?


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