For the love of Sushi…

This afternoon has been ggggrrrrrrrreat-> in the words of Tony the Tiger 😉


 Not that my morning was bad or anything, but a lady that works near my desk came in really grumpy. I said “Good Morning!” when I saw her, and then she looked at me said NOTHING & rolled her eyes! I was like WHAT THE HECK??! I figured she must of had a rough day so far- even though it was just the morning. hmmmmm

But this afternoon when she came back from lunch she was so nice to me- full of compliments about my outfit, my shoes, etc. I was like, did someone give this lady a VERY happy pill??? haha! But I’d rather have that than how she was. Also I’ve been pretty busy today, which I love! Makes the day go by so much faster than just sitting here.

For lunch I had the usual suspects:

BLUEBERRY (one of my faves) Greek Yogurt, apple slices & animal crackers

This afternoon I had this:

Afternoon Coffeeeee

And a few of these:

TRY THEM if you haven't!! So good!

And now only like an hour until it’s time to go home!! 🙂

Oh have you ever noticed this:

Look @ the Ingredients

How cute is that??!? Made with SMILES 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love that!! I happened to notice it awhile ago, I just forgot to post it.

Tonight I think I might stop & get sushi on my way home. Craig has softball tonight & it’s a double header so I won’t be cooking- he’ll be home late (well late for me :)) I’ve been craving some sushi- might make it happen!


YUMM! I love sushi!

What’s your favorite kind of sushi?? I typically will eat anything! I’m not big into the tempora stuff- too fried- I don’ t think sushi should be fried. Oh, if you are EVER in Orlando- the downtown part- you NEED to go here:

Shari Sushi- It is the BEST sushi I have EVER had. Seriously. They had such unique rolls- and some of the usual ones- but if I go out to eat sushi I like to try rolls that are known at that restaurant- their specialities. But they have this one roll at Shari that has banana in it- I know, might sound gross- but it is SOOOOOOOOOO WONDERFUL!

Anyways, off of my sushi soapbox 😉 I’m off to finish this day @ work & look forward to catching up on The Biggest Loser tonight 🙂

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  1. Hey Hey Sunshine!!

    I LOVE sushi, so jealous that your picking some up for supper. I have no clue what my favorite kind is but I know where I get, at the RIO in Vegas. When my Man and I were there we ate Sushi EVERYDAY as an appy. I loved my life. A

    Anyway, ideally when I work out I like to 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training. I don’t have a set plan though and have a tendency to just wing it! Since I’ve been driving my Man to work these past 2 weeks I was focusing more on the weights since I had less time. Now though I think i’ll go back to splitting it up evenly. I just feel better with a little cardio!

    Hope you’re having a fantastic day!!


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