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Oh Baby- It’s Draft Day!!!!


Ahhhhhh!! Can I please tell you how excited I am that TONIGHT is the NFL draft? Oh yes, I am THRILLED! Can’t contain myself!! I have my Michael Oher jersey on @ work- my boss just came in & said, “what are you ready to like go to a game right now??” I replied “no, today is Draft day- it’s like a holiday” He just laughed. (he has seen my walls @ work- filled with Ravens & Orioles players.

Oh and on a side note…I once again got about an hour of sleep last night. GRR! Sorry for always complaining about that- not getting enough sleep. But last night I do have a legitimate reason this time. Craig did something REALLY bad to his neck like a few months back, well, he never went to the doctor to find out what happened because it went away after like a week. Well Tuesday afternoon he was lifting weights & pulled it AGAIN! It wasn’t bad at first, but when he got home from softball last night he said he think he messed it up EVEN more! So last night he did NOT sleep at all either- was up from the constant pain…so of course I was up too. This morning he could not even get out of bed- he literally had to ROLL out & finally get up while in GREAT pain!- & this was all done at 4am! Yes, 4am!! (he usually gets up after me around 7am) Last night was definitely interesting, but I PREPARED for today with LOTS & LOTS of coffee….smart huh?! 😉

Anyways, on to the workout…

I did a longer run in today- which is what I wanted- I’ll save my long run for Saturday or Sunday- just time constraint during the week.

It was kind of a random workout- didn’t really follow anything- just did my own thannggg 😉

Started out at 6.5 for 10 minutes then just did 1 minute intervals after my 10 minute warm up of 7.0 for one minute & then 8.0 for one minute. Pretty much did that the entire workout.

Total Time: 40:40minutes, Total Miles: 4.65 (Didn’t get the splits yet)

After that I did 6 minutes on the stair stepper/ Arc Trainer- 3 resistance. Then I headed over & did my abs- “Whittle My Middle” workout, then 40 crunches on the Bosu ball. And then the infamous butt exercises. I still need to get a picture of my favorite exercise- maybe I can just get Craig to take a picture of me doing it- because I can’t find it on Google.


GREEN MONSTER!! (duh! ;))

I made it the usual way, but I tried a new brand of Almond Milk- usually I use Almond Breeze…but I saw that Silk had a new Almond Milk out- NO soy, just almonds. So I thought I would try it…& I had a $1.25 off coupon…so that helped 🙂 It’s pretty good though- it’s not as sweet as Almond Breeze, which I actually like that it’s more like milk- and it’s creamer than Almond Breeze. I like it! & it’s the same calories as Almond Breeze- 60/ cup.

New Silk Almond Milk


And here is Me with my Green Monster– Notice the Michael Oher jersey…yes yes I LOVE him 🙂


Oh, and I’m still sore- since Tuesday (kinda weird..)…so my new best friend is:


I try not to take too many supplements, but I do like Glutamine when I’m sore…

Do you take any supplements to help when your sore, or just in general??

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  1. Naw, I dont take many supplements! Im cheap so I just try to eat healthy and get what I can through my diet!

    whoohoo for the draft! be prepared to see lots of SOONERS in the first round! Sam Bradford, Gerald McCoy, Trent Williams, and Jermaine Greshman! Boomer sooner baby!

  2. Nicki

     /  April 22, 2010

    I stumbled on to your blog recently and LOVE it! You have such a perky attitude every day!
    I just bought that same Almond Milk at Kroger (coupon to try it for FREE!!), and it is fabulous. So creamy, unlike Almond Breeze.
    The only supplements that I take are whey protein after workouts and casein protein (mixed with cottage cheese and a spoonful of pb, of course!) before bed. I’ve been foam-rolling lately after intense workouts too, which has really helped prevent soreness the next day.
    p.s…I’m a Colts fan but my boyfriend lives in Annapolis so I’ve recently been following the Ravens too. 😉

    • Aww thank you so much 🙂

      I’ve never heard of casein protein (@ least I don’t think I have…) I’ll have to google it! I also need to get a form roller- I hear they are great- I have never used one…but I need something to help these crazy sore legs!!

      And YAYYY about the Ravens 😉 LOVE those guys! & I do like Peyton too- I hated him in college- thought he was so annoying & stuck up (mind you, I also hate Tennessee, so that probably influenced it :)) but now I find him hilarious!!- I love all of his commercials- he seems like a funny guy to be around! So, I do have to admit I cheer for the Colts if they aren’t playing the Ravens 😉

  3. I used to take supplements when I was into lifting and all of that…I kinda fell pray to all the hype of supplements. They did nothing for me. I don’t take or use any supplements other than a multivitamin now 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to try Silk’s Almond milk!


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