Office Drama

Good FRIDAY afternoon 🙂

Only a few more hours left!! WOOHOO!

So this morning/ afternoon has been rather interesting. I was talking to my favorite co-worker about work, the office, etc. & we pretty much agreed on everything. First, it has been REALLLLLY slow (as I’m sure you have seen in older posts) for me. I am literally just sitting here half of the time- gives me PLENTY of time to look up workouts, new recipes, & work on my blog…but honestly I would prefer to have stuff to do. The day goes by so much quicker when you actually have work to do- know what I mean?

Second, one of the girls that works here thinks she is the BOSS! It is so freaking annoying. I just want to look at her half of the time & be like, “ummm who do you think you are?!” But, I don’t, I refrain….lol! She now calls herself the OFFICE MANAGER- bahahahaha! I was like HUH???? really? I was having to cover my face to stop from laughing. She is FAR from the office manager & we are all on level playing fields. We are all under the same two bosses-  & one of them is NOT her. GRR!

Third, there are a lot of things being said ‘thru the grapevine’ & words getting construed, etc. So my co-worker & I, during our discussion this morning, decided that something needed to be done in order to avoid all of this drama. (there are a TON more things to tell you about the problems this office is having…but I don’t want to bore you to tears! :)) We were able to grab one of the REAL bosses this afternoon & pull him aside while no one else was around & tell him that we think we need to have a sit down with everyone in the office & discuss what is going on. He completely agreed & could not believe what was being said by the FAKE boss (as I will call her). He was like “REALLY? I never said any of that!” (about stuff she was telling us that he said.)

Honestly I am just over all of the drama in here. I don’t want any one to get fired or anything like that, I just want all of us to work in happiness 🙂 No more drama paaaa-lease!

Ok, now that I’m done with all that venting- on to lunch:

I’m so embarrassed- I COMPLETELY forgot to take a picture of my lunch before consuming (my mind was all over the place)…so here it is- empty:

EMPTY greek yogurt & 1/2 an apple slice...

and a few of these:

Vanilla goldfish

and a small piece of Tina’s Cottage Cheese Banana Bread (if you haven’t tried it, you should- it’s really good, if you like banana bread- I do change a few things in the recipe- like Splenda for sugar, applesauce for oil, all Wheat flour- so good though & healthy! :))

Cottage Cheese Banana Bread

I was just kind of snacky today- not really in the mood for a ‘real’ meal.

Still trying to figure out what I want to do for dinner. Craig texted me & said he is STUFFED because he nearly ate the rest of the pizza from last night- which would be 1/2 of EACH pizza- so pretty much a whole pizza. I just laughed & said we can do a later dinner- so, I don’t know if I want to do a full meal, or just a few appetizers for us to share.

Guess I’ll figure it out as the day goes on…and how hungry my tummy gets. 🙂

What’s your best way to deal with office drama/ issues?

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  1. Luckily, I dont have any office dramas…best advice Id give it just talk it out with whoever is involved with it!

  2. I don’t have office drama here, but I’ve definitely been around it before! I just try and still do the best I can do with my job and not get too involved with the gossip! I hope things settle down for you!

    Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  3. Hey Girl!!

    I buy the whole Butternut Squash, peel em, cut em up and toss in the oven at 400 for like 10-15 minutes. I think you might be right, I go through them like water, except I think i’m getting more squash than water lol no seriously..

    I hate office drama, it seems like it’s always inevitable since you’re working in such close quarters. Least the majority of my co workers are family meaning I can just say stuff right to their faces haha I hope it all works out! And UGH hate being bored at work, you can only look up so much stuff on the net. Hope your day it looking up Miss!!


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