Ahhhhh Sunday!

Good Morning 🙂

Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday- I was non-stop! After breakfast, I did end up going to the pool for about 2 hours- it was a nice day..but I could feel myself getting a bit red, so I came inside. When I got in I made myself a green monster for a light lunch.

Liquid lunch 🙂

I thought I was meeting my parents & sister & brother in law around 6pm for dinner because that is what was discussed earlier with them…but then I get a call at like 3:30pm saying that they just ate lunch. So plans were changed to meet at 7pm at Longhorn.

I feel like Longhorn has become my 2nd home lately- lol!! I feel like I’m there at least once a week. At least I LOVE the salad that they have there- I got my usual Sonoma Chicken salad, with mixed greens, grilled chicken, tomatoes, feta cheese & onions. And of course I had some bread..;) Dinner was really good & it was good seeing the family!!

My cute parents & I at my graduation

My sisters & I- on a cruise- Oct. 2009

And then I told them about the AWESOME yogurt place that was near by- so of course they wanted to try it as well 😉 They also could not stop talking about how good it was! My dad was SO funny- he had never been to a place like that, and he thought it was pay by the cup- NOT by the ounce. He thought it was however much you can pack into a cup is how much you pay for – I was laughing SOOOO hard when he got to the register & was in shock- he was like what do you mean I pay by the OUNCE??! haha- I love my dad 🙂

All in all it was a great Saturday & I got the ENTIRE house cleaned- I was a cleaning machine 🙂

This morning I got up & went to the gym- took an easy day-

Did 33 minutes on the elliptical burned 331 cals, then did 10 minutes on the stair stepper- 110 calories burned.

Then I headed to the weights & did some bench presses, step ups with hammer curls (with 10 lb. weights), then step ups with overhead presses (with 10 lb. weights) & then tricep & shoulder flys on the bench with 5 lb. weights.

I also did these new things on the bench that I found in Jillian Michael’s book-

Making the Cut

they were called ‘frog kicks’- where you lay on the bench, let your legs hang off, wrap your hands around the bench & then kick back- like a frog. (kind of hard to explain) But they really work your tush! 😉

After those, I did some ab exercises- 50 crunches on the Bosu ball holding a medicine ball, 50 crunches holding the stability ball b/w my feet- in the air, 50 crunches on the ground, & various other exercises. ( I feel like naming all of this stuff might be a bit boring to read about)

After the gym I headed to Publix to get some groceries for the week- I LOVE going to the grocery store at like 8/ 9am because there is NO one there- you can get in, get out with NO lines!! woohoo 🙂

I came home & made breakfast for Craig & I-

My breakfast

Close Up of the eggs 🙂

It included: 2 egg whites, spinach, onions, & topped with ketchup. On the side a wheat biscuit with fat free butter & strawberry preserves! Yummm!

And a glass of:

50% Less Sugar OJ

I LOVE OJ with Pulp- & LOTS of it- I pretty much like the eat my orange juice 🙂 Do you like OJ with pulp or no pulp?

And here’s Craig’s breakfast:

Biscuits & sausage gravy...he already ate all of the eggs..:)

I told him I was going to take a picture of him eating it- he didn’t want me too- he said he looked gross…lol!  Silly boy, he’s worse the me with pictures.

Well, now I’m just sitting on the couch watching ESPN (OF COURSE) with Craig..but I think we need a break from all of this football talk at least for an hour- so I think we are going to watch The Housewives of NY since we missed the latest episode due to the draft.

Hope you have a great day 🙂

And one last question:

Do you think it is important to take an OFF OFF day- like not a light day, but a completely off day from exercises? I don’t remember the last time I have taken an entire day off from exercise- I honestly LOVE working out & it gets me going in the morning..but some people think it’s not healthy. I think it’s fine if you are ok with it & your body is struggling from it.

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  1. i think it’s all personal. I prefer to take 1 day off a week. But I live in NYC s I’m constantly walking everywhere so technically this could count as exercise! (I’m quite the walker) haha


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