New Favorite ‘Go-To’ Chicken Recipe

O.M.G! Dinner tonight was sooooo good!! I feel like you guys always here me saying that- but I have found SO many good recipes on different blogs- I can’t say THANK YOU enough!!! 

Tonight’s recipe is courtesy of Jessica- from How Sweet It Is– & the recipe is Crispy Honey- Ginger chicken. 

First, let me tell you about my L-O-V-E affair with ginger. If I were to ever have to have a ‘last meal’ it would definitely include ginger in the mix. Whenever I get sushi, I always ask for ‘extra extra ginger’ on the side. I think the waiter/ waitress thinks I’m kidding about EXTRA EXTRA- I usually end up having to ask for more…. But, once I am done with my sushi, I eat about a bowl full of ginger. Everyone just looks at me as I proceed to eat my ginger, they think it’s odd- but I can’t get enough of it!!!! I don’t know what it is, but when I discovered it, it was love at first bite 🙂 

Anyways, you HAVE to try this recipe- but REMEMBER it has to marinade at least two hours, I just let it marinade overnight. 

Oh, when I got home from work I was SOOOO hungry- so I had a bit of this: 

A spoonful of extra crunchy pb 🙂


I was SO hungry when I got home from work, but I didn’t want to spoil my appetite, so a little peanut butter did the trick 😉 

Oh, & I just remembered this- Last night I woke up around 3am & was STARVING!! That doesn’t really happen too often- I have had it happen before, but not for a while. Guess my metabolism is kicking into FULL gear 🙂 I was too lazy to get up, so I just went back to bed. 

Question: Do you ever get hungry in the middle of the night? If yes, do you eat something & what do you eat? 

Anyways on to dinner: 


Step one- marinaded chicken gets dipped into panko crumb mix


Step two- bake in oven @ 450- about 20 minutes


FLIP 1/2 way thru cooking


DONE!! Look @ that golden brown 🙂


On the side- good ol' KRAFT Mac & Cheese- my favorite 🙂


& of course a veggie- Green Giant- 'Immunity Blend'


I saw this new blend in the freezer section when I was grocery shopping & I was curious how it tasted, especially with the cranberries- I’m glad I tried it 😉 

My plate 

Oh, and I went back from more veggies- just didn’t take a picture of that 🙂 

Wednesday night’s dinner made the day!! You HAVE to try this recipe!! 

Anyways, now we are going to catch up on the remaining Hills marathon I ended up DVR-ing the rest of the ones that I didn’t see…and I DVR-ed the new episode last night. This is a bad addiction..but once you start, you just can’t stop!! lol! (& I got Craig hooked, but I’m not supposed to tell anyone, since it’s not ‘manly’ haha) 

Question 2: What is your favorite show?? My absolute favorite show is Desparate Housewives- I’ve been watching it from the beginning & I have all of the seasons on DVD 🙂  

Have a great rest of the night!! 


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  1. So glad you liked this! My hubby loves ginger that much, too. Me….not so much!

  2. Favorite show right now is Lost! And, thanks for all the great feedback on the recipes 🙂 Makes me so happy to hear!

  3. I think my favorite show right now is the Real Housewives!


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