New Recipe to try!!

I made a new recipe tonight for dinner & it turned out really good- try it!! (well, if ya want :))

It was based off of Meghann’s recipe- Feta & Artichoke Stuffed Chicken Breast. I changed a few things, instead of tomato I used Sun dried tomatos, I also added roasted sweet red pepper. Oh, and I used reduced fat  Feta  cheese with basil & tomato. YUMMMM!!

Chicken covered with Panko crumbs

Stuffed into chicken

Baked stuffed chicken

side of red pepper risotto

veggies..of course 😉

My plate: 1/2 stuffed chicken breast, veggies, little risotto, & 1/2 chunk bread

The risotto is kind of Craig’s thing- I like it, but not really that flavor too much..but I know he really likes it.

It was perfect- not stuffed, but full 🙂

Oh, this afternoon I made some cookies for Craig to take into work tomorrow- I had some dough left over from Easter that I wanted to use was taking up too much shape. So I baked a few batches of those for his co-workers. It’s funny because he told me that whenever there are baked goods @ his work everyone always says, “oh, Holly made us some stuff..” He said they just assume it’s me when they see baked goods- haha!! Whenever we have company I always bake, but I always make too much, so I send them in with him 🙂

Sugar cookies with sprinkles & butterscotch chips

Anyways, that was my day 🙂 Oh, and I went to the grocery store as well today to get all of my supplies for the week.

Now we are going to watch The Amazing Race & call it a night. Hope you have a great night as well 🙂 See ya in the morning!!

Question: What’s your favorite kind of cookie??

Mine is Oatmeal Raisin or Snickerdoodles 🙂

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  1. Those cookies look amazing! I love M&M or Smartie topped cookies – so good!

  2. That recipe looks great!

    Hmm…favorite cookie…definitely a homemade chocolate chip!


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