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Desparate Catch Up

This might be a quick post- going to spend some time with Craig- he just got home.

Tonight when I got home from running all of my errands- to the bank, Target, & post office, I had time to catch up the last two episodes of Desparate Housewives- since they were still waiting for me on the DVR πŸ˜‰

But when I got home…I was SUPER hungry. I was reading in my latest Oxygen Magazine that if you are really hungry early evening then you might be lacking on calories during the day. Maybe I need to add a snack after lunch- like around 4pm…that way it tides me over until dinner. I come homeΒ & feel like I could eat a whole cow…so then I tend to eat a bit too much of a snack.

Tsp. crunchy peanut butter & animal crackers.

and LOTS more animal crackers on the side. πŸ˜‰

I also had a glass of Riesling while watching my shows. Felt like a good way to wind down the day.

On to dinner:

Leftovers from Thursday night

These leftovers were even better than the initial meal!! They were not really soupy anymore- kind of thick & tasty!

Well, off to spend some time with C- see ya in the morning πŸ™‚

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  1. I think leftover soups allllways taste better than when you initially make it. Maybe it’s all the stuff soaking up and mixing together.

    PS. How do you only eat a tsp of pb? Sooo much self control! I fail.

    • I agree- it definately did!! πŸ™‚
      haha- about the pb…I TRY to keep it to just a tsp…but some times I head back for more. Like when I make my green monster in the morning, I always have to have a few spoon fulls…..I just can’t pass it up πŸ™‚

  2. I also find leftovers taste the best the second day around. Love unwinding with TV and wine, so nice!


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