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Housewives of NJ

I’m glad I included an afternoon snack today- I’m going to start doing that daily I think. It held me over until dinner perfectly!

It was kind of interesting- I decided to try something new- a plain Greek yogurt mixed with sugar free, fat free banana cream jell-o pudding mix, with 1/4 cup rice krispies thrown in the mix đŸ™‚

a tsp. & 1/2 of this

NOT a fan of this brand of yogurt for eating- I like mixing it into things, like for mashed potatos or to make immitation sour cream, but it is WAY too thick to eat by itself in my opinion.

all together now

Tonight’s dinner was salisbury steak- which is Craig’s ultimate favorite meal.

I made it with ground beef, which I don’t eat (no beef or pork), so I ended up having a Boca burger- YUM!

Salisbury steak

baby peas

have you ever had baby peas?? they are SO much better than regular peas. I get the silver label baby peas- I forget the brand.

mashed potatos with 2% cheddar cheese

My plate + extra veggies (not pictured :))

And then I had a bit of a sweet tooth after dinner – was actually still kind of hungry…so I had this:

Skinny Cow ice cream- in a single serve cup

Have you tried these yet?? I saw them in the store this past weekend, so I figured I would try it.- only 150 calories & just the right amount to satisfy my sweet tooth đŸ˜‰

They were $1 a piece- a bit expensive considering  I could get a 1/2 gallon for only like $3..but it is nice just having the single serve.

So, I watched the latest NJ Housewives- the new season & I thought it was a bit ridiculous. (not that they all aren’t a bit ridiculous- haha!) But, it was just a lot of Danielle & her crazy ways!

If you watch the show, what did you think?? Dina is still my favorite- her cat with so cute with the little lion cut!!

Well, I’m off to bed. Hope you all have a great rest of the night!!

See you in the morning đŸ™‚

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