Making the Cut

Good Morning!!

This morning I decided to try a Making the Cut workout- I did day one. I was not sure what to expect- of course I prepared for it the night before, like got the workout together & figured out the moves that I was not familiar with (i.e: Frog Push ups). I also typed up just the Day One workout, so that I would not have to bring the whole book with me to the gym.

Here it is:

Circuit One:
Dumbbell Presses on body ball- 20 reps with 10 lb. weights
dumbbell flyes on body ball with crunches- 15 reps w/ 5 lbs.
Squats- 50 FAST
One minutes sprint @ 8.0
Circuit Two:
Plank- hold for 10 sec.
Close grip push ups- 5 reps
Side planks with inner thigh raise- 10 reps
Close grip push ups- 5 reps
Side planks with inner thigh raise- 10 reps
Burpies with jump- 10 reps
Sumo squats- 50 reps
One minutes sprint @ 8.5
Circuit Three:
Frog Push Ups- 20 reps
Squat thrusts- 20 reps, then hold a static squat for 30 sec
W Shoulder presses w/ leg ext.- 10 reps. On each leg
Jump Rope for 1 minute
Circuit Four:
Bench Dips- 20 reps
Rope Tricep presses- do until muscle failure (I did about 10)
Static lunges with lateral should raise- 10 each leg
Mountain Climber- 1 minute
Boat pose- hold for 30 seconds
Circuit Five:
Jump Rope for 1 minute
Bicycle Crunches- 50 reps
Extended Plank- 30 sec. hold

I did this whole routine TWICE. I was reading in her book that if you want a harder workout, then you should do it twice…so that’s what I did 🙂

Also, when I was finished with it, I did about 15 minutes of ab work and then ran on the treadmill for about 6-7 minutes to finish up my workout. Oh, & I did some butt exercises too – I think I’m obsessed 😉

Overview of the workout: I was actually surprised by the workout, in a good way!! I was not sure what to expect…did not know if I would find it hard enough. I’m not trying to sound cocky by any means, but a lot of those book workouts & DVDs that I have seen just do not give me enough of a workout….in my opinion. Because my cardio level is so high, I really like getting my heart rate really high so that I’m breathing heavy.

But I wore my Garmin to get my heart rate thru out the workout…and I will post my heart rate information later. I did not have time to download the info this morning. I know I did see (when I could look) that my heart rate was at 177 during one point (sprint on the treadmill) but I ALSO noticed that when I was doing some of the cardio blasts in the circuits that my heart rate was also high- like around 155- 160. I definitely think I will enjoy this workout from Jillian- I mean, she is awesome 😉

My Fitness Role Model

Thank You Lisa for the idea of starting this workout!!

I don’t know if I will follow it exactly for the 30 days- I will still do it in day order, but I might throw in my own workouts here & there so that I can still get all of my running in. 🙂 Or maybe on the ‘rest’ days I will just do my own thing- like HIIT workouts & such. Who knows…I’ll have to figure it out soon 🙂

Update on the goals: I LOVE using the food journal. It really keeps me responsible for what I’m eating…and reminds me to avoid the kitchen nibbling! haha!! Yesterday I ate 1835 calories, but I have been going to various fitness sites & using the ‘how many calories a day do I need’ calculator & they are averaging around 2250- 2300. When selecting the ‘activity level’ I select ‘very active.’ (is that what you pick?) I feel good with the amount of calories that I am eating now, but I’m wondering if my body is ok with that amount??

Question: How do you figure out how many calories that you need?? & Does the amount I’m eating look about right??

I’m really trying to figure out all of this nutrition stuff. I want to make sure that I’m getting just enough- not too much & not too little.

On to breakfast:

I had the usual: Green Monster, but this time I added instant coffee to it- got the idea from Julie & her Frappuccino wannabe smoothie. It sounded like a perfect way to get some needed caffeine in the morning 😉


GM with new cup + cheesy smile...HA!!

 I was practicing with the self timer…I need some more practice FOR SURE! My face is like ‘uhhhh smile?!’ haha 🙂

Oh, and I have to show you my shoes today- they are super cute…if I do say so myself!

top of shoes

side of shoes

I just LOVE these shoes!!!

What is your FAVORITE brand of shoes??

Mine are Jessica Simpson heels or Coach. I don’t usually buy Coach shoes @ regular price, I try to get them on sale. (b/c they are ridiculously priced)


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  1. peanutbutterfingers

     /  May 4, 2010

    i ❤ jessica simpson heels. they're always so cute, but can be painful!

    i'm glad you liked the addition of the coffee! 🙂

  2. I dont even know how many calories I eat…I think as long as you eat when you are hungry, you should be good to go! Just don’t restrict, eat eat eat esp with all your activity!

  3. I love all shoes. I don’t think I can even pick a favorite brand!

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