Work Change

So my position at work has changed- just found out this morning.

I am supposed to be busier..which will be good. I have not seen a change yet, but I know it’s coming 🙂 The only problem is now I have to deal more with the girl I was telling you about- the one who calls herself the ‘office manager.’ HAHA!! Cracks me up. But, I’m going to try to deal with it to the best of my ability 🙂 Hopefully I will be too busy to notice her silly self.

Also, I don’t know if I will still be able to do three posts a day anymore..might just be two…we shall see 🙂

It is SOOOOO HOT here in Central Florida- I stepped outside to help move some stuff & IMMEDIATELY started sweating!! And, I shaved this morning & put lotion on my legs- now they are all nice & slimy ew! haha says that it is 90 degrees right now, but feels like 96 out!!! whhhhhoooooa

Anyways, lunch today was light because I am trying to incorporate a snack around 4pm so that I’m not super hungry when I get home after work.

So- I had a small salad with romaine lettuce, a tsp. of reduced fat feta, tomatos, 1/4 cup corn, some croutons & one egg white.

shot #1

shot #2- all mixed up

and a 1/2 of a serving of baby goldfish:

baby goldfish w/ smiles 🙂

That was lunch!

Now back to work..

This week I am making some of Craig’s favorite meals of all time- I typically try not to make anything twice (weird habit of mine), so he has requested that I go thru my recipes & see which ones were the ‘top rated.’ 😉

See ya later! Have a great afternoon!!

Question: What is you ABSOLUTE favorite meal??

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  1. I had goldfish today with lunch too…you inspired me 🙂

    I have a few favorite meals: pizza, crab bisque and crab cakes, or mexican food!


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