Happy Cinco De Mayo

Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration in Mexico for their victory over the French in 1862 & nothing to do with their independence?? I heard it this morning on the radio…I’m pretty sure that I knew that, but I tend to forget every year until this time rolls around again.


This morning for my workout I did “Making the Cut”- Day 2:

Circuit 1:

                -Wide-Grip Lat Pull-downs (pyramid up with weight) 1st: 20 reps, 2nd: 12 reps, 3rd: 6-8 reps

                -Dumbbell Row- 15 reps (I did these with 15 lb. weights in each hand)

                -Lunges( basic )- 25 each leg, no added weight

                -1 min. hill run @ incline 10, speed 6.0

Circuit 2:

                -Low dumbbell rows (Arms should be hanging down in w/ your palms facing forward; keep your arms close to your torso, exhale & pull both dumbbells up until they touch the side of your stomach) 15 reps- I did these with 15lb. weights

                – Seated Hamstring Curls- 15 reps (I did these with 60 lbs.)

                -Step-ups- perform 20 reps on each leg (40 total)

                -One min. hill run @ 10 incline, speed 6.0

Circuit 3:

                -Crab Walk- 10 steps forward

                -Reverse plank – perform 5 leg lifts on each leg (10 total)

                -Crab walk- 10 steps backward

                -Reverse plank- 5 leg lifts on each leg

                -Supermans- 20 reps and then hold at midpoint position for 20 seconds

                -Reverse crunches- 25 reps

                -Mountain climbers- 1 minute

Circuit 4:

                -Pendulum Lunges with hammer curls- 10 reps each leg (20 reps total) (I did these with 5lb. weights)

                -Hammer curls- perform reps until bicep muscle failure (I did 12 each time, with 10 lb. weights)

                -Static lunges with reverse cable fly

Circuit 5:

                -One- leg pelvic thrusts- 15 reps each leg (put legs on a bench or platform& put heels on bench)

                -Toe touch crunches- 25 reps

                -Mountain climbers- 1 minutes

I did all of these circuits TWICE & then I did some ab work- 50 crunches on the Bosu ball, 20 V crunches, 20 v-up crunches. After that, I did 10 minutes on the elliptical with 7 resistance.

My total calories burned, according to Garmin was 406, max heart rate: 167 & average heart rate: 143

It was a good workout- I’m REALLY liking these Making the Cut workouts- I woke up & really felt it in my arms! (which I love) & then today was a lot of focus on legs & different parts of the arms.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day, but I’m going to use that to do some HIIT workouts & some other cardio- maybe just lots of running 🙂 I do love my long runs!

For breakfast I had the usual- a Green Monster. I’m loving the instant coffee addiction- Thanks Julie 🙂

I’m still playing around with the self timer on my camera, so I feel like a total goof in most of the pictures I take.  I would post the one I took…but I feel like I look like a weirdo- haha!!

So, as you know I have been looking for a new job for a while- just not my ideal job here. I love the guys I work for, but I really need health insurance- since I graduated college, I do not have any health insurance anymore. So I need to find something with health benefits. Anyways, I got a call this morning about TWO potential jobs!!! I have an interview tomorrow after work & then will hopefully be setting up another one this afternoon as well. Please cross your fingers 🙂

Now I’m off to start my day…hopefully it will go by quickly! I love when days goes by fast.

Question: Are you doing anything for Cinco de Mayo??

We aren’t- just staying home & I’m cooking dinner. There is NO way I would last going out, especially tonight- haha! I’m getting too old- I need my sleep 🙂

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  1. peanutbutterfingers

     /  May 5, 2010

    woohoo green monster + coffee!!! :o)

    happy cinco de mayo! enjoy your night in… i feel like an old fart too b/c i love nights in!

  2. Good luck on the two job propects!! I hear you about health insurance…so important!!!

  3. Hey girl!

    You know you can buy health insurance without a job? I think it’s definitely something everyone needs! The price you pay per month is nothing compared to if you had a bad accident (God forbid)..you know? Just my 2 cents!

    Do you take any rest days? I am not so sure HITT the day after that workout is the smartest thing! You may burn out!

    • I wish I could get health insurance w/o a group policy…but I can’t get it b/c of pre-existing conditions. (Crohn’s disease- all those fun intestional problems.:))

      No, I have not been taking any rest days- I have a bad problem with taking rest days & I actually get in a bad mood when I don’t work out- & I feel sleepy all day- it’s almost like I NEED to workout to feel awake & to get my day going- does that make any sense? (or maybe I’m just a weirdo- haha)

      • aw, that stinks about the Health Insurance…I hope one day there will be some good changes made!!!

        Everyone needs rest day, no way around that. I would suggest starting with ONE FULL DAY off from any exercise. Take time to enjoy other things besides fitness. You may discover a new hobby that gives you just as much joy as exercise does.

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