Save the Kittens

Last night I definitely DID make the ‘soft serve banana ice cream’- & it turned out the BEST this time. I have made it before, but never has it been this good. It turned out like all nice & fluffy!!

Fluffy banana 'ice cream' & tsp. Peanut butter melted

That is one frozen banana all fluffed up into soft serve 🙂 I also melted a teaspoon of peanut butter & melted it over the top…bananas+ peanut butter= heaven on earth 😉

For Craig I added some chocolate to the melted mess & he liked it as well, probably not as much as me…but, I think he was surprised at how a frozen banana could make that.

This morning I did NOT want to get out of bed.

This is how I felt at the gym

I was NOT in the mood to wake up or go to the gym…but I figured, the old saying- Who, after going to the gym, wishes that they did not get up & go?? So I put my urge to stay in bed aside & hopped up & slowwwlllyyyyy headed to the gym.

my slow behind this morning..

Anyways, I did get a good workout in, & I am glad that I went 🙂 I was just going to stay home & run on the treadmill @ the house, but I feel that I get more in the ‘vibe’ when I’m at the gym & I work harder.

Question: Do you  feel that way about the gym?  That you kind of get in a ‘groove’ when you are there.

My workout was a 4 mile interval run..and then I added on a little at the end.

Minute Speed
0- 5:00 6.5
5:00- 5:30 8
5:30-7:30 6.6
7:30-8:00 8.1
8:00-10:00 6.7
10:00-10:30 8.2
10:30-12:30 6.8
12:30-13:00 8.3
13:00-15:00 6.9
15:00-15:30 8.4
15:30-17:30 7
17:30-18:00 8.5
18:00-20:00 6.5
20:00-20:30 8.6
20:30-22:30 6.6
22:30-23:00 8.7
23:00-25:00 6.7
25:00-25:30 8.8
25:30-27:30 6.8
27:30-28:00 8.9
28:00-30:00 6.9
30:00-30:30 9
30:30-32:30 7
32:30-40:00 6.5

Total Time: 40minutes, 541 calories burned, Splits: 9:02, 8:15, 8:11, 8:17, 6:14- Total miles: 4.67. Avg Heart Rate: 163, Max: 191

Then after that I did an incline walk – on 12 incline, with a 3.1 pace. Total cals: 75 burned, Heart Rate: Avg: 148, Max: 154

After the cardio, I did the Whittle My Middle Workout-

-60 sec. extended arm plank hold, 30 sec. each side- side plank hold, 25 torso twists with 8lb. medicine ball, 10 planks ups- each leg, Boat Pose hold for 1 minute, Side plank rotation with twists- 10 each side, bicycle crunches- 2 sets of 30. Then I did 10 reverse wood choppers each side with 8 lb. medicine weight, 50 crunches on Bosu ball.

Not bad for a “not wanting to go to the gym” kind of morning 🙂 I’m glad I got my tush a movin’

This morning’s breakfast was the usual- Green Monster.

That was my morning 🙂 I was running a bit late for work this morning- I was having an argument with the mirror– I could NOT figure out what to wear!! GRRRR I hate that. And, I have that interview RIGHT after work, so I wanted to look nice & professional. I finally just threw on some black pants & a top from White House Black Market. (one of my favorite stores.)

Yesterday at work, we got a call from one of the Broker’s who is out in Texas this morning, and he told us that we needed to go & get some kittens and a Mama cat from a near by house. There is a group called No Paws Left Behind that takes care of animals that get left behind due to people being evicted from their homes. The company I am working for now deals with these kind of properties all of the time. A lot of being that get evicted from their homes, or are in foreclosure, leave their pets behind. It is SO sad 😦 So, we took the kittens back to the office yesterday & are keeping them here until we can find good homes for them. The company- No Paws Left Behind- gets the animals spayed or neutered before finding new homes for them. I LOVE this organization- animals are so NEAR & DEAR to my heart that it makes me so upset when I see them without a home or being abused, etc.

Here are some pictures of them:

I had a lady at work hold 2 of the babies for me so that I could get a close up of them:

I would LOVE to take one of these kittens or the mama cat home, but Craig is HIGHLY HIGHLY allergic to pet hair & dandruff. He is ok with dogs that grow hair- like Maltese, but not dogs that shed.

I have been in with the kittens a lot this morning. 🙂 It will be hard for me to get any work done today…haha!

Anyways, I’m off to TRY to maybe do some work 😉

Hope you have a great day & if you’re in the Central Florida area & want to adopt a kitten- we have some 😉

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  1. oh my gosh, I wouldnt be able to handle it. That first kitten in the picture is SO cute.

  2. Nicki

     /  May 6, 2010

    I’m exactly the same…I’d like to say that I can get a really tough workout at home or outside hiking, but being in the whole gym setting really makes me crank up the intensity! Not to mention seeing so many other people sweat it out, love it!

  3. briana

     /  May 6, 2010

    Girl your workouts are so intense I’d need to eat all day! Do u take a rest day I’d be exhausted go you!

    • Hi Briana 🙂
      No, I don’t take rest days, although I know I probably should here & there…I just honestly NEED the endorphins from working out in the morning to get my day going. If I don’t work out I feel all sluggish & kind of grumpy. It’s kind of strange…I have issues- hahaha 🙂

  4. omg, what cute kitties! I am so passionate about animals too. I rescued both of my dogs this past year and they are just the best little buddies! I love them! I hope those kitties can get nice homes!

    I JUST did a post about how I was not feeling like going to the gym and I told myself just do 20 minute and if you don’t want to you can quit…and after 25 minutes I quit! It IS possible that you need a rest day! 😉 I know i’ll be taking a couple of days off this weekend to rest!


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