Friday Night In

Well, today turned out not to be a good day…but I won’t go into it.

The minute I saw Craig I was a happy girl 🙂 I always love when he gets home- it always makes my day! He always knows how to cheer me up.

I also talked to my dad for a while tonight as well- I REALLY miss my dad. He emailed me this afternoon saying that we should have a father/ daughter weekend soon & I couldn’t agree more! I wish we lived closer…even though he’s not far- only like a 2 hour drive…but it would be nice to just go & visit whenever I felt like it.

Question: Are you close to your parents?? Do you get to see them frequently?

Tonight was a NEW recipe– Jessica’s Pizza Pasta- SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! It was such a quick recipe – which I love 🙂

Pretty much just boil the pasta, mix with tomato sauce & stir in the cheese. It also calls for pepperoni, but I only put that on Craig’s section, since I don’t eat pigs or cows.

Plus some multi grain bread on the side… (I LOVE bread)

And a glass or two of Riesling: (yay for Fridays!)

My Plate

We decided to save Avatar for tomorrow afternoon since I found out it is TWO hours & 45 MINUTES!! That is a LONG movie. I’m already exhausted- about to head to bed. I think tomorrow I might head to the gym early to do some weights & then go for a run with Craig…or maybe just do the run. We shall see 🙂 Might take a day off from the gym & just do my run outside- but we will have to get up EARLY so that we don’t die with the heat & humidity like last weekend.

Oh, and for dessert tonight, I had some frozen yogurt- lemon cookie flavored- it was Publix brand. So good!!! I will have a picture of it tomorrow 🙂 Because if you have a Publix near you, I highly recommend it.

We caught up on NY Housewives tonight…and now we are just kind of doing our own things on the computer 🙂 But, I’m feeling my eyes getting verrrrry heavy & the bed is calling my name 🙂

See you in the morning- have a great rest of your night.

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  1. I agree with the getting up early- I went on a bike ride at 9am and it was already HOT! Your pasta looks yummyy 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, it looks SO good. I added it to my recipe folder.

    I can’t believe I’m not tired tonight, esp considering the lousy sleep Ive been getting. I guess Im still so excited over that A!

    Thank you so much for the email. You were the only one who remembered and thought to say something before I brought it up–THANK YOU!

  3. I am so glad you guys liked this! I think my hubby will be asking for it again soon.


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