Behind on Movies

Good afternoon 🙂

Today has kind of been a lazy one so far- in a good way of course. I love lazy days- especially after this past crazy week. Earlier this afternoon I went & layed out at the pool for about an hour & a half. Anymore than that & I just REALLY feel the sun. It takes all of my energy out of me. So this was the perfect amount :)& I got some color..which is always a plus.

When I got back in, Craig had told me he had DVRed this movie- The Secret of Nimh. I had never seen it, but he told me that he grew up watching it & he thought I would think it was cute.

Some of the movies& shows we watched are a bit different- (he is 6 years older than me- I was born Dec. 1986, he was born Aug. 1980 ) Some of the apparent ‘basic’ movies I never saw until I met him- like The Goonies…yes, yes, I know. He always thinks it’s hilarious when he mentions a movie that I have NEVER seen & it is one of those so-called ‘basic’ ones.

The Gremlins


There are a lot more that I just can’t think of at the moment..but let’s just saw my movie watching skills were NOT up to par apparently 🙂

How well do you know movies?? Especially movies of the 80s??

Right now we are just watching the end of the Orioles game- they beat the Twins- WOOHOO! And we are about to start Avatar, once I finish this post.

I wasn’t hungry for lunch, so I just had a bit of a snack- little bigger than a normal snack. I didn’t eat anything until 3pm & I could of waited until dinner, but I knew even though I wasn’t feelin hungry, I should still eat something. Gotta keep that blood sugar up 🙂

Yogurt Mess

This yogurt mess consisted of:

Chobani Strawberry

1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean


1/2 banana

and then I had two of these bad boys:

I ate the tops off of these 🙂

So that was my “lunch”- if ya wanna call it that 🙂

Now we are going to watch Avatar & drink some coffee. Craig asked me to make some since the movie is so long…he wants to make sure he can stay focused on it. LOL!! It reminded me of my Dad- my Dad can drink coffee at all hours of the day. He is a coffee machine 🙂 He drinks it in the morning, afternoon & even after dinner sometimes! He loves his coffee. And it’s not ‘coffee water’ it is the STRONGESTcoffee you will ever drink- I promise you. The first time Craig had some that my Dad made I thought he was going to spit it out. I could not stop laughing!!

How strong do you like your coffee??

I, like my Dad, like it REALLY strong. I just really like the flavor. The stronger the better 🙂

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  1. I like strong coffee too. Love the flavor. We went to see Avatar at the Imax and I loved the effects. Not usually a Sci Fy girl, but that one I enjoyed.

  2. I remember The Secret of Nimh! SUCH a cute movie!! I hope you enjoyed it. And I like milky, watered down iced coffee =P


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