Questions Answered!

I’m really glad Lisa asked me some questions under ‘Ask me anything!!’ So I figured I would use this post to answer them 🙂

What blog did you start reading first? Is that what motivated you to start blogging?

I started reading blogs in February of this year & thought they were SO interesting & I also got a bunch of new workout ideas, as well as good health tips. I learned about some  of my now favorite foods- Greek Yogurt, Butternut Squash fries, Green monsters & a few others. I never thought I would be good at blogging, but once I got started, I LOVED it. I love having a way to document my workouts & food. I also love it as a way to talk to other people with the same interests as me- sometimes it’s hard to find people with similar interests in the ‘real’ world- they just don’t understand my love of fitness & eating healthy. But in the blog world it’s nice to relate to other people, share thoughts & ideas, and just have a place to say your thoughts on different things.

How long have you and the man been together?

We have been together almost 2 years. We met thru mutual friends over 2 years ago & at first I didn’t think much of it, but the more time I spent with him (which was like twice a week when we all would hang out together) the more I wanted to get to know him. Once I got to know him, that was IT. I knew without a doubt in my mind that he was THE ONE. And, I suppose it was the same feeling with him as well, because we moved in together like 4 months after we were ‘official.’ <–haha- I hate that, the whole ‘we’re official now’ thing. Sounds sooooo cheesy!! And now I cannot imagine my life without him. I CANNOT wait to get engaged 🙂

What tips do you have for living with your man?

My biggest tip is that we have separate bathrooms & closets. This is HUGE. Honestly it sounds kind of strange, but I love having my own bathroom to put my things in their places. And the same is true for Craig. He’s VERY particular of where things go- he knows if I move something- (not that he gets mad about it, he’s just asks me if I did & I’m like HOW in the world did you know that I moved that when it’s only off by an inch!? haha) And then I have my own way of putting things in the bathroom & my closet as well. And, well, I have far too many clothes…lol!

Another thing is that I’m BIG into using the kitchen, and I like to have things in there MY way. Thankfully Craig could care less how I arrange the kitchen, as long as he knows where the bowls & cereal are 🙂 Since I’m the only one who cooks, I have a certain way of putting things in the kitchen.

That was fun 🙂 Do you have any more ask my anything questions???? I like answering them- hahaha 🙂

For lunch I had a tuna fish sandwich (made with garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper & Old Bay seasoning& a TINY TINY bit of mayonaise) Mayo is my ‘yuck food.’ I really dislike it, and CANNOT eat it other than a TEENSY amount mixed into things- like Tuna fish, or egg salad. Just looking at it makes me sick feeling.

I also made some butternut squash fries on the side.

Do you have a ‘yuck food?’


Tuna salad on low calories WW bread

a little toasty 🙂

Now I’m off to head to Barnes & Noble shortly to look for some new books- on fitness & healthy eating. I love going there just to look at all of the books & drink Starbucks 🙂

Do you like walking around Barnes & Noble (or whatever bookstore) while looking at all of the books??

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  1. P and I moved in together at four months too!! I know everyone thought we were crazy, but when you know!!!

  2. My yuck food is steak. I cannot fathom how people enjoy it!


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