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Good Morning/ Afternoon 🙂

Sorry this is a bit late- didn’t have time this morning to post. This morning was an ‘off’ day in the Making the Cut workout- so I figured I would take this time to do some interval training. Love it! I did kind of my own thing with the running-

Time        Speed

0- 1:30        3.5

1:30- 8:00  6.0

8:00-9:00   6.5

9:00-10:00  7.0

10:00-11:00 6.0

11:00-12:00 6.5

12:00-13:00 7.0

13:00-14:00 7.5

14:00-15:00 6.0

15:00-16:00 6.5

16:00-17:00 7.0

17:00-18:00 7.5

18:00-19:00 8.0

19:00-20:00 6.0

20:00-21:00 6.5

21:00-22:00 7.5

22:00-23:00 8.5

23:00-24:00 6.0

24:00-25:00 7.0

25:00-26:00 8.0

26:00-27:00 7.5

27:00-28:00 7.0

28:00-30:00 6.5

30:00-33:00 6.0

I did a total of 33 min, 4.05 miles, 465 calories. Splits: 9:31, 7:53, 7:22, 7:52

Average heart rate: 171, Max: 214. My heart rate was pretty high today- like my average. I was really feeling my workout today though- I had a feeling that my heart rate might be high.

I also did some ab exercises- including 15 ball passes, 20 v-situps, 20 v-crunches, & a bunch of regular crunches.

My body is pretty sore today- those Jillian workouts have been kicking my butt- & they pain always comes the 2nd day, NOT while I’m actually working out. DOMS!!

Anyways, breakfast was YUMMMY this morning 🙂 I had a plain Greek Yogurt with strawberries & 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean& then also a blueberry Alternative Bagel. Those alternative bagels are SO good!! & at only 110 calories- AWESOME!

Yogurt Mess 🙂

Alternative Bagel w/ Grape Jelly

It has kept me FULL for a while now- & I’m not even hungry yet for lunch & it’s 11:45am!! Guess it’s one of those ‘stick to your bones’ kind of breakfast 🙂

I love having days off to see all of the morning shows- My favorites are Regis & Kelly & The View.

My FAVORITE morning show- Live with Regis & Kelly

& I have to admit, I LOVE Kelly’s body- I think she has an awesome athletic body & her arms are PERFECT!

Hello Perfect!

And the other show I like to catch if I’m home:

The View!

My favorite lady on The View is Elisabeth Hasselbeck- despite the comments about Erin Andrews. & I think it’s really good that Elisabeth apologized 🙂

What are your favorite morning shows, if you get to catch them?? I bet I can guess Lindsey’s answer 😉

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  1. If I’m lucky enough to be home in the morning, Regis & Kelly and The View are two of my faves! Sometimes I’ll switch over to the Tyra Banks show, as long as she’s not being super cheesy! 🙂

  2. I’ve forgotten about those Alternative Bagels. i used to eat them all the time! They were great! I’ve always loved Regis and Kelly. They’re just so darn funny. I used to watch her on All My Children so when she got the job on Regis, I kind of followed!


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