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Workout & Brunch

Good Sunday Morning 🙂

Hope your weekend has been going well- today looks like a good day here! This morning I went to the gym & did Day 12 of Making the Cut, which is the same as Day 9.I also changed some things in the circuits, like in Circuit 4 you are supposed to do 20 step ups each leg…well, personally I hate step ups, they bore me. So instead I did 5 minutes of running at 6.5, 1% incline. And then after the last circuit, I added 50 crunches on the Bosu ball. Just to make it a bit harder.

After doing the circuits TWICE, I did a bunch of ab stuff- I didn’t do any abs yesterday when I was in Jacksonville, so I felt like I needed ot do more today. I did 50 crunches on the Stability ball, 10 ball passes, 10 (each side) oblique crunches on the stability ball, 30 reverse incline situps on the bench, 30 v-sit ups, 30 v-crunches, 25 regular crunches & a few other things. Then I did butt exercises 🙂 After those, I did some more weights- 3 sets of 10 (each exercise): calf lifts, squats with 65 lb. on back, deadlifts with 40 lbs. I love doing leg exercises…so I was feeling pretty good, that’s why I added those. 🙂

My max heart rate during my workout: 182, my average was: 134 & I burned 510 calories.

What is your favorite thing to exercise? (ie: arms, leg, back, biceps, chest, etc)

I got home & took a shower & now we are supposed to meet my parents, sister & brother-in-law for brunch at First Watch. So, I’ll be back later with my breakfast 🙂 & I think Craig and I will be enjoying some pool time as well 🙂

Catch ya later!!

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