Back to the HIIT

GOOD Morning 🙂

So, first & foremost- my thought on the DARK chocolate VELVET (don’t you just LOVE that name??)  was delicious!! I highly recommend it!! It was love at first bite.

This morning I woke & headed to the gym- it was another ‘off day’ for Jillian Michael’s Making the Cut- so, I wanted to do some HIIT traning- LOVE that stuff 🙂 I did one of my favorite workouts- Janetha’s Go-To HIIT workout. At first it might not look too hard, but man it will get you huffing & puffing- that incline really does it to ya! I just changed the last minute to 6.0 for the cool down instead of 2.0.
Running Splits: 8:44, 8:01, 3:26- Total miles: 2.44 Max Heart rate: 213, Average heart rate: 182, Calories burned: 284

I then did 6 minutes of incline walking- 12% at 3.3 speed. Then 5 minutes on the elliptical. I was ALL over the place is this morning on the cardio equipment!! Couldn’t make up my mind. I did give myself a break on weight training this morning though. I did do a bunch of ab exercises. (I’m not going to write them out everyday..I feel like it might get a bit boring to read)
Additional calories burned: 105

For breakfast I made 2 egg whites:

cooking the egg whites

And I also made a blueberry Alternative Bagel with grape jelly & a bowl of strawberries, blackberries & 1/4 of a banana

bowl o' fruit...including my $1 blackberries 😉

And then after the gym, I stopped to grab some iced coffee from Starbucks. Nice treat every now & then 🙂

Perfect! Now I’m off to get some work done…but I’ll be back later! Have a GREAT morning!!

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