This afternoon I was feeling a little different about what I wanted to have. I didn’t really want to eat anything..more drink something 🙂 Do you ever have those days? So I made myself a Green Monster with lots of spinach, 1/2 scoop whey protein powder, 1 frozen banana, 1 tsp. peanut butter, some cocoa powder, water & lots of ice.

it is SO good- I have missed them!!

I also had a few pretzels while I made it..

For tonight’s dinner I am making it in the crock pot. So I went to the store this morning JUST for those Reynold’s crock pot liners that Julie always talks about. 🙂

 I love cooking in the crock pot because it is so easy..but the worst part is the clean up…so that is why I went out of my way to get those. Well, guess what I FORGOT to use??! Yes, the liner! I put everything into the crock pot & THEN realized what was missing….oops! Oh well, I have them for next time.

The crock pot is cookin'

I think this afternoon I will be doing another workout. I love two- a-day workouts!! I’m just feeling up for a good run, so why not?!? 😉

Do you do two a day workouts ever??
I like to do them every now & then…but I have to be in the mood.

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  1. Props to you for feelin’ the 2-a-day workout! Very rarely will I be in the mood to workout twice, but if I’m feeling like I need an extra boost, I’ll just amp up the one. However, in the summer when I’m playing softball, I’ll try to take advantage of the game to move around a little extra for a “2nd” workout of sorts 🙂
    And yes, those crockpot liners are great!

  2. I used to do two a day workouts, but that’s when I was in my crazy disordered eating phase and striving for perfection! I don’t do them anymore!

  3. I have been doing 2 a day workouts for the past few weeks and am enjoying them more than I thought I would. I get to break it all up and that keeps me from being overwhelmed at the idea of an hour of working out.

  4. I love it when I’m prepared enough to get the crock pot going in the morning.

    I like doing 2 workouts when I have time (and motivation!) 🙂


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