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Good Morning šŸ™‚

Today it was back to Making the Cut- Day 15. The one thing I’m not super fond of about the Making the Cut workouts is that some of the moves I have NEVER heard of..and there is not a picture with all of them- just a description. Don’t get me wrong, I love new moves, but I prefer to have them with a picture…or a video. For some of these I had to Google them or You-tube them…& some I could not even find online, so I had to do my best to figure them out with the description.

Circuit 1:

-Body Ball Push-ups- 10 reps

-Push-ups- perform until muscle failure

-Cable Leg Extensions- 10 reps on each leg

-Step Plyos- 1 minute

Circuit 2:

-Dumbbell Press on Body Ball- 10 reps alternating arms (5 reps each arm)

-Half-Crow Push Ups- 5 reps on each leg (start in push up position. Then bring your right knee forward and out to the side until it is off the floor & touching your right elbow. Perform a push up in this position, then bring foot back to the start. Switch legs)

-Harpies- 20 reps (Start in plank position, but place feet shoulder-width apart with a platform or step just in front of your feet. Keep your upper body stable, jump up onto the step, keeping your legs as straight as possible thru out the movement)

-Jump Squats- 10 reps

-Warrior Pose with Tricep Press- 30 seconds on each leg

Circuit 3:

-Dips-(use machine) perform until muscle failure

-Hanging Abs- 15 reps each side (hang and bring knee up to ceiling)

-Static Lunges with Lateral Shoulder Raise- 10 reps on each leg (bring arms out from sides)

-Side Step Plyos- 1 minute

Circuit 4:

-Pike Push-ups- 10 reps

-Squat & Military shoulder press- 10 reps

-Dropsies- 8 reps on each leg (Start by standing on a platform or workout bench, your feet hip-width apart. Take your right leg, and hold it back behind your body & off the bench. In slow motion, lower your body down toward the ground until your right foot is hovering about 2 inches off the floor. Do NOT let your foot touch the floor. Then with your left leg, press your body back up to the starting position)

-Jump Rope- 1 minute

Circuit 5:

-Bench Dips with feet on body ball- 20 reps

-Bicycle Crunches- 30 scissors

-Plank Twists- 20 reps on each side

-Boat Pose- hold for 30 seconds

-Bosu Ball Crunches- 50 reps

-V-sit ups- 10 reps

-V-crunches- 10 reps
I added the last three things in circuit 5- I just like adding ab stuff (surprise, surprise!). I did all of these circuits TWICE & then I did a quick run on the treadmill- 5 minutes at 6.5 speed..and then a 1 minute 3.5 speed walk cool down.

Max heart rate: 186, Average: 141, Calories burned: 420Ā 

For breakfast I made 2 egg whites with spinach, alternative blueberry bagel with strawberry jelly, & some strawberries & blackberries on the side.

egg whites & spinach


Fresh berries!

I also had to stock up on my Alternative Bagels– I was out- YIKES!

I don’t know if anyone else caught Opera yesterday, but it was SO good- it was really interesting. She had an interview with Laura Ling- the reporter who was sentenced to 12 years of labor for crossing the North Korean line. Thankfully she was able to return to the United States after Bill Clinton spoke with the leader of North Korea. I remember this event–>

when the reporters returned home to their families. They were over there for 5 months!!!!!!!!! But the interview that Opera did was really good because it gave more insight to the SCARY SCARY lives that people live there. So sad šŸ˜¦

The second part of her interview was about a family that adopted a little girl from Haiti- which was also really touching- I actually teared up a bit. Anyways, yesterday’s show was definitely a “feel good” kind of show.

Hope you have a great day- catch ya later šŸ˜‰

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  1. I have a hard time with description only moves too sometimes….put my arm where??? lol

    • EXACTLY! Half of the time I’m reading it & I’m trying to do whatever the move is on the floor- my boyfriend is like WHAT in the world are you doing this time Holly?! He just finds it amusing at this point!

  2. I have that book but I’m always more interested with her food plans than her workouts. I also find it hard to follow the workouts in the book, and they seem similiar to the moves she does in 30 day shred anyway.

  3. I did catch some of Oprah…what an amazing story that is.

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