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Little Facts

I added an afternoon snack today- & it was just right! A nice, fresh Fuji apple 🙂

Apple Slices

Tonight was all about trying new things. First, I had been wanted to try Julie’s Eggplant Medallions. They just looked so good & a perfect substitute to eggplant lasagna!
Ya gotta start with an eggplant-

Then you cut it into slices…I also topped it with some Italian seasoning

Roast it at 450 for about 20 minutes..then add the topping:

Topped & ready to bake.

I also made a little pan of meat free slices as well…I ran out of chicken-oops 😉

Meat free

Bake for about 10 minutes more to make the cheese all melty!

Baked & ready

On the side I made corn on the cob:

My Plate:

x 2

Thanks Julie for the recipe!! Your recipe surprised Craig as to how good it was (he’s one of those meat & potato kind of boys…I’m trying to change his ways little by little) – I just responded to him “told ya so.” 😉

While we were eating I was talking about how corn on the cob would be an AWFUL first date food. Could you imagine??! The whole time we were eating, Craig & I were talking about how we could not wait to floss & how there was so much corn stuck in our teeth- cute right??!

What do you think is the worst 1st date, or any date food??

This afternoon I also made Janetha’s protein coffee cake recipe. This was another recipe that I had been eyeing for a while.

cook up the apples & cinnamon- I added blueberries & blackberries


I changed a few things- like adding more fruit..and I also substituted the oil for applesauce. I also think I put a lot more cinnamon..but that’s because the top fell off- haha! I have not tried it yet..but I will let ya know how it turns out 🙂 Can’t wait to try it later!! It smells REALLY good though..YUM!

This afternoon Lindsey “tagged” me in the “Beautiful Blogger Award” – Thanks Lindsey 🙂 And you are supposed to share some little known facts about yourself..so, hear ya go 🙂
1. My pinkie toe on both of my feet overlaps the toe next to it. It’s been this way since I was born…and the only way to fix it is to break it. But, since they don’t bother me, I’m NOT at all interested in getting them broken in order to FIX them.

Feet together

Left foot

Right foot

2. My biological mom had breast cancer & survived! But, I took the BRCA test and I am BRCA positive, so I have to stay on top of self-breast exams, as well as getting MRIs about every 6 months. It’s all about prevention 🙂 I also considered having a mastectomy- that way I would not have to worry about breast cancer- but I decided against it..at least for now. Maybe once I have kids I will re-consider.

3. According to my dentist, I have deeper ridges than most people. (like the molars have deeper holes) Does that make any sense? So it makes it easier for me to get cavities- so brush brush brush 🙂

4. I started running when I was about 12 years old..and I started because of my dad! He’s always been a runner- & I would always want to go with him growing up. When we started running together, he would have to wait for me to catch up..but now (as he says) I have to wait for him. He is such an inspiration! LOVE HIM to death! I love going home..especially because I know my dad & I will enjoy a run together at some point. Father/ Daughter bonding time is the best!! 

My Dad & I at my college graduation- Dec. 09

5. I have a dear LOVE for cereal. I normally cannot keep it in the house (well, the kinds I like) because I can go thru an ENTIRE box in TWO days- NO lie. 

6. My favorite summer addiction is BIG BROTHER!! Does anyone else watch that show? I can’t help but watch it.  

Hope you enjoy these random facts 🙂 I now nominate5 Beautiful Bloggers awards to these ladies: Courtney, Lisa (2nd nomination of the day 🙂 ), Lexie, Julie, & Kara. Would love to hear your random “about me’s” 🙂

Have a GREAT night!!

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  1. Katherine: What About Summer?

     /  May 20, 2010

    I’m going to go with any soy or bean-based food as not being great for first dates (not to be inappropriate or vulgar, but let’s avoid the gas on first dates)

  2. peanutbutterfingers

     /  May 21, 2010

    i’m so glad you liked them! i always feel like pasta w/ really long noodles is ad first date food b/c i’m slurping everywhere!

  3. I hate to say it..but pizza. While I love pizza. It just gets stuck in your teeth if you don’t cut it up!

  4. I loved all the fun facts! I have to do my beautiful blogger post sometime soon. The coffee cake looks good. I have been wanting to try that as well.

  5. Love those mini eggplant parms!! I steered clear of spaghetti sauce and lettuce when I first started dating my BF- but after two years, I can laugh it off if he tells me I have stuff on my shirt or greens in my teeth!

  6. good work on the eggplants medallions. i’ve been meaning to try those too. i kind of make something similar to that. i just sautee the eggplants, pour sauce over it and top with mozzarella cheese to melt and parm chese on top. it’s really good. i wonder if baking it is a different flavor.

  7. Thanks for the nomination! I’m pumped to post my random facts. PS: My dentist said the same thing to me!!! He even suggested we might want to consider filling them in.


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