Pigs, Pigs & more Pigs

Good Morning!! 

This morning I headed to the gym & did Making the Cut Day 16. These exercises were actually all pretty understandable. I didn’t have to Google them or find pictures of them. I actually will copy/ paste the pictures onto my paper so that I know what to do when I get to the gym – haha- it’s like a little kids book 🙂 

Circuit 1: 

-Wide-Grip Lat Pull-downs: 1-3 reps at max, then drop 1/3 of weight & do 6-8 

-Medium-Underhand Grip Pull-downs: Perform until muscle failure & then hold @ midpoint for 30 sec. 

-Dead Lifts: 10 reps 

-Hamstring Curls: Perform until muscle failure 

Circuit 2: 

-Seated Cable Rows: 1-3 reps at max, then drop 1/3 of weight & do 6-8 

-Lateral Shoulder Raises: 10 reps 

-Lunges (Basic): 10 reps alternating legs 

-One-Leg Pelvic thrusts: 20 reps each leg 

-Rock Star Jumps: 20 reps 

Circuit 3: 

-Military Shoulder Press Prone on Body Ball: 10 reps 

-Frog Kicks: 20 reps 

-Butt Kicks: 1 min. 

Circuit 4: 

-Crossover Lunges with Hammer Curls: 20 reps 

-Bicep Curls: perform reps, alternating arms, to muscle failure 

-Bicycle Crunches: 25 reps 

-One Minute hill run @ 15% incline, 5mph 

Circuit 5: 

-Rock Star Jumps: 20 reps 

-Ball crunches: 20 reps 

-Hanging Abs with a twist: 15 reps each side 

I did the circuits TWICE & I also did some additional ab exercises- like on the Bosu & more on the Stability ball. Then I did 10 minutes on the elliptical resistance 7. 

Max. heart rate: 177, Average: 126, Calories burned: 359 

I really like these circuits- liked the combination of cardio & strength training in these..and they flew by, which was nice 🙂 

Breakfast this morning was SO delicious! It was simple- Low Sugar Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal- 1 pkg, with blackberries & strawberries mixed in. I also had a Bagel Thin with Strawberry jelly.



I LOVE the idea of cooking the berries WITH the oatmeal. I used to just throw them on top after cooking the oatmeal, but when you mix them in the flavors are in the WHOLE bowl- not just in certain bites! YUM! I ate this bowl like it was goin’ outta style 😉 

Bagel Thin

I was going to make my usual Alternative bagel, but I thought I’d switch it up a bit this morning – change is good right??! 🙂 

So, when I was watching The Biggest Loser yesterday during my afternoon run all I could think about was MY marathon that I will be doing NEXT year!! SUNDAY MAY 1st 2011 I will be running the Cincinnati FLYING PIG Marathon!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot wait! It was kind of just a dream for a while- I mean, I knew I would eventually run it (it’s on my bucket list) but, I didn’t think it would be so soon!! Somehow my bucket list came up during a conversation with my family- they think it’s hilarious that at 23, I have a bucket list. Hey, a girls gotta know her dreams, right??! 😉 The reason that THIS particular marathon was the ONE on my bucket list was because it is called the FLYING PIG marathon. Pigs are my ABSOLUTE favorite animal in the entire world, and always have been…that’s why this one was the one 🙂
Side note about my childhood: I ALWAYS wanted a mini pot belly as a pig. (& still do, but I don’t know if Craig would EVER consider that- HAHA!!) I swore that I would always have one. (this is also the reason I do not eat any pig- ie pork chops, bacon, etc) People always knew what to get me as a present- ANYTHING with a pig on it 🙂 My collection is HUGE. When I moved in with Craig I thought he was going to die when he saw all of the pigs…but he just let me put them all over the guest room- he’s so sweet 🙂 So now when people enter the guest room it is literally a room FULL of pigs!! Oh, I’ll post a picture on here later of the COOLEST piggy bank EVER that someone made for me. You’ll LOVE it!

Hello, cutest animal in the WORLD 🙂

Anyways, my Mom got really excited that I said I wanted to run this marathon because her company is based in Cincinnati & has to go up there on occasion. So immediately she started emailing around to her co-workers about this & they also thought it was pretty cool. Her manager actually might be running in it too- he’s just kind of doing it just to do it- I actually would like to run a pretty good time…maybe qualify for ‘some’ other ones!? That would be awesome 🙂 Just thought I would share that because yesterday it really PUMPED me up just thinking about it!

Well, that was a long discussion about PIGS 🙂 Can’t you see how much I just LOVE them!!

Hope you all have a GREAT day!! It’s ONE day closer to Friday!! WOOHOO!

What is one race that you REALLY looked forward to running? (or ANY sports event)

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  1. I think it’s great you have a bucket list! We should wait to start one – start enjoying your wishes now!

  2. I look forward to running the Cooper River Bridge run next year. It’s a HUGE 10K in Charleston with 40,000 participants. The energy around it is incredible.

  3. ahh congrats! me and my friend are running a race called the downtown dash. its at night, which makes it even cooler.

  4. I’ve done the Cincinnati Flying Pig 10K! It’s fun! Hey, since I’ll be in Ohio again, I can probably come up for a part of that race next year 🙂

  5. Great name for a race! How exciting!

  6. Must. Do. That. Marathon!!!!!!! The marathons in Pittsburgh have really lame names.

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