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In a Hurry…

Good Morning!! 🙂

This is going to be quick- I haven’t even had breakfast yet..but I wanted to do a quick post.

First- the Protein Coffee Cake= AWESOME!!! TRY IT NOW!! Janetha, you out did yourself on this one 🙂 It was so good, not dry at all & the fruit was YUMMY 🙂

Look @ the deliciousness 🙂

For my workout this morning, it was supposed to be an ‘off’ day from Making the Cut- so I hit the treadmill to do some sprint intervals. I was a sweaty MESS after this one!

Minutes              Speed

0- 5:00                6.5

5:00- 15:00       Do sprint intervals- going from 9mph for 1 min, then 6.5 for 1 min.

15:00- 20:00       7.0

20:00- 25:00     Do sprint intervals- going from 9mph for 1 min, then 6.5 for 1 min.

25:00- 30:00       6.5

Cool down

Splits: 8:35, 7:50, 7:48, 5:50; Miles: 3.66; Avg. heart rate: 164, Max Heart: 184; Calories burned: 423

After this, I did some leg work- 3 sets of 10 reps of all of these–> leg presses with 95lb., squats with bar on back -65lb., & deadlifts with 30lb. barbell.

Then I did some ab work- 50 crunches on Bosu ball, 20 regular crunches, & 15 hanging up with knees to chest.

During the additional workout I had a max. heart rate of 155, an avg. of 127 & 104 calories burned.

Great workout today 🙂 I love hitting the treadmill hard!!

I will be back later with breakfast, etc. Sorry to be so quick & boring! Catch ya later!!

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  1. MMMMM that coffee cake look delish. Good job on that workout!

  2. dang, that does look good!

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. Great workout! Mmmm coffee cake looks awesome!

  4. YAY for coffee cake!


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