Pool & Shopping Day

Time to play catch up 🙂

So, here’s a picture of my breakfast:

2 egg whites with spinach & mushrooms. Alternative bagel with sugar free strawberry preserves

After I made Craig breakfast, I headed out to meet my friend Cori. We figured we should grab some lunch before heading to the pool, so we would be ready when hunger would strike 🙂

We ran by Publix & picked up Turkey whole wheat wraps- I had lettuce, tomato, green pepper, & banana peppers on mine. (EXTRA banana peppers actually…love those things!)  And we got some Baked Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles as well- they are my favorite Baked chips! It was a really good lunch & I glad we prepared for the pool before we got there- the worst thing is to be stuck at the pool with no food!



I’m ALSO so glad that we came prepared with SUNSCREEN!! It was a very hot day out & I felt the sun immediately!! Thank goodness for SPF! 🙂

That’s one thing that I have learned thru the years- WEAR your sunscreen! I used to think that it was totally fine to go out in the sun for HOURS without protection- SO WRONG!! Now I always wear it. The worst thing is getting a sun burn..and it’s just so bad for your skin.

There was not a cloud in the sky- BEAUTIFUL day!!

After we layed out for about 3 years, Cori wanted to go & get some sandals that she had seen a girl wearing this week that she LOVED. So we headed to Shoeland to try & see if we could find them! The girl told her that she had gotten them in Kissimmee, which is an hour drive for us, but Cori REALLY REALLY wanted these shoes. We were heading out to Kissimmee & on the way- about 10 minutes of driving- she spotted a Shoeland!!!! We didn’t even know it was there- so we figured we would try that Shoeland to see if they had THE shoes. Well, guess what??! Turns out they DID!! Woohoo!! So we saved about an hour and a half of drive time. YAY for saving gas 😉 She got her shoes & I also picked up a pair of gold sandals.

they look KIND of like this, but in GOLD..NOT tan

We also ran into Ross, which was near by, but I didn’t find anything. Cori found another pair of cute shoes- brown wedges. She is the QUEEN of fashion! She actually owns a boutique here- it’s near UCF & she has the CUTEST clothes there! I LOVE shopping there!!

It was a really fun afternoon & I had a great time catching up with her 🙂

Now I’m just relaxing…it will probably be a very boring dinner- maybe cereal. I’m just kind of feelin’ like a bum! haha!!

I’ll be back later! 🙂

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  1. Yaay for sunscreen! And i love those shoes. Also, cereal makes the BEST dinner sometimes 🙂

  2. Sunscreen Woot Woot! I missed on little strip on my chest so I have this strange little line of sunburn now. It looks ridiculous. I’ve been looking for silver shoes like that.

  3. Sounds like a great day to me!

  4. I stayed in Kissimmee last summer while I was in Florida. I miss Florida so much. 😦


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