No Pain. No Gain.

Hello!! Long time no talk. Booo!! I wish have to see how my new job will be & if I can maybe do some posting at work instead of waiting until the night to post one big one.

This morning it was back to Making the Cut- Day 21. If you are looking for a KICK YOUR BUTT- HEART RACING WORKOUT…then DO THIS workout. It was crazy- lots of jumping, lifting, pressing, etc.

Circuit 1: (warm up circuit- supposed to do only once, but I did it twice)
-Decline Dumbbell Press: 20 reps
-Squats- 50 fast
-Step Plyos: 1 min.
-Butt Kicks: 1 min.
Circuit 2:
-Plyo Push- ups: 10 reps (clap when you push up) <—-HARD!!!!!!
-Dumbbell Flys on body ball with crunches: 15 reps (arms out to side)
-Leg Extensions (pyramid up with weight): 20 reps, 12 reps, 6-8 reps
-Knee Tuck Jumps: 10 reps
-Step Plyos holding dumbbells in EACH hand: 30 sec.
Circuit 3:
-Scorpion push-ups: 10 reps (5 each side)
-Alternating dumbbell press on body ball with elbow drive: 10 reps EACH leg
-Surrenders: 10 reps EACH leg (USE DUMBBELLS) <–HELLO PAIN!!!
-Side Step Plyos: 1 min.
Circuit 4:
-Dips: perform until muscle failure
-Basic Lunge with military shoulder press: 20 reps each leg
-Burpies: 20 reps (I added kick outs to the burpies & a jump at the end- don’t know if that makes sense)
Circuit 5:
-W shoulder press with leg extension: 10 reps EACH leg
-Rope Tricep press: 20 reps
-Straight Leg squat thrust: 30 sec.
-Chair Pose: 30 sec. <–LOVE this, it works ya, but it a good way
-Side plank with inner thigh raise: 10 reps EACH side
I did this circuit TWICE (& huffed & puffed right thru it) & then I did some ab exercises at the end.
Total gym time: 1 hour; Avg HR: 135, Max HR: 206; Calories burned: 400
Jillian will happily kick your hinny with this workout. She gives you NO sympathy.
For breakfast I made a Green Monster (are you surprised?!)

notice my shirt- go Orioles!!

first sip

That is one thing I will definitely miss is being able to ‘dress down’ for work- they didn’t mind if we wore shorts, jeans, t-shirts, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting dressed all professional..but I also like the option to dress down whenever I feel like it. My new job it is professional all the time..but, don’t get me wrong- I’m NOT complaining. I am excited to start!! And, I get to do a bit of shopping this weekend for some new work clothes 😉
I brought my drink along with me & headed to work. Today I was training a new girl- I like her. She was really sweet & I think she will be a good fit for the company. It was so funny, because today they were still talking about how much they wished that I could say. VERY VERY VERY sweet people- I told them that anytime they need me to give me a call. I also told her that if she needed me to come in after I get out of work next week to do some more training, I would be more than happy to do that as well…or if they had a bunch of extra work on a Saturday, I could come in & help them out with that as well.
I’m thinking of getting them a little parting gift & to say thank you for the opportunity. 
I will probably send them a card in the mail this coming week- I think it would be nice to at least do that.
For lunch, I had the usual. The same as yesterday, but with blueberry Greek yogurt, instead of strawberry. It was good- I like a lunch that I can kind of space out thru an hour, because I work while I I like the snacky type lunches.
Dinner was a new recipe that I found at Picky Palate. It was Mini Farfalle Chipotle Chicken Pasta in Fire Roasted Tomato Cream Sauce.

cooked chicken

mini bow-ties

onions, beans, corn, jalapenos

I didn't have chipotle peppers, so I used 3 tbsps. jalapenos

instead of heavy cream, I used plain greek yogurt


my plate

I think I will be having something sweet before bed 😉 Lately I have been waking up to go to the gym @ 5am & I am SO hungry, but I don’t want to get before workout because my stomach does NOT do well with the combination of food & workouts. But I have not been having my normal before bed snack that might be the key thing that I need to hold my hunger over.

Do you eat before workouts if you workout first thing in the morning?

Can’t wait for tomorrow- FRIDAY!! We will be watching the Magic game tomorrow night & hoping for a big win. Saturday Craig is going to go with me to the gym!! YAY! This will be the first time he is going with me- we run together alot, but he’s never gone with me to the gym. I’m excited. We are using one of the free passes that my gym gave me- they actually gave me 2 – 14 day passes & 2- 7 day passes. Nice right?? But the only thing is that you have to go when an employee is there, which is 10am- 6pm…which I never go when there are employees there. This weekend I will be though.

Do you workout with your significant other?

And, what are your plans for this holiday weekend??

Catch ya tomorrow! & have a great rest of your night!

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  1. Jackie

     /  May 27, 2010

    You look so pretty!! (:

  2. You make such different & cool dinners! It’s very inspiring!
    I think giving your current employers a card is really nice. I’m glad the whole situation worked out for you!
    Matt (husband) and I trained for a 10k together once and I loved running with him! Now though, we mostly just walk our dogs together!
    I’m going to SATC 2 on Saturday and to the Vermont City Marathon Sunday to root for all the people I know that are running!

  3. I dug out my Making the Cut book because I want to start doing the workouts too.

    Your posts always make me want to learn how to cook. :-p

    It’s amazing when your sig other jumps on the gym wagon. Nothing is more motivating.

  4. Awesome workout girl. My husband and I run together, but that’s about it. He rides his bike and I don’t have one so we can’t do that together and our home gym isn’t big enough for us to both try to lift together. Have fun shopping for some new work clothes!

  5. This lunch looks tasty! I have honestly never had greek yogurt and don’t really know the difference!

    That is one mighty green monster my friend! I love it!


  6. I want to give those Making the Cut workouts a try in the future when I can do more intense stuff again. I always hear great things about them.

    You’re so sweet to think of getting your old work a parting gift as a thank you. Very cool thing to do.

  7. I definitely eat if I am hungry before morning workouts…if it’s very very early, I will have something really small.

    Have a great weekend! 🙂


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