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I Warned Ya

Heyyy!! It’s FRIDAY! WOOHOO!!

Warning: This post is a longgg one…
First things first- workout: Making the Cut Day 22. After yesterday’s intense workout my body was still feeling it, but like I said before, one of my favorite things about Making the Cut is that the workouts do a great job of switching up which muscles/ body parts you use.
Here’s the workout:

Circuit 1:
-Medium-Underhand -Grip Pull downs: Perform reps until muscle failure
-Seated Cable Rows: Perform reps until muscle failure & hold a midpoint position on last repetition for 30 seconds
-Jump Squats: 15 reps
-One-Leg Pelvic thrusts: perform reps until muscle failure
Circuit 2:
-Wide Grip Lat pull-downs: 20 reps
-Squat Swings: 10 reps (use a medicine ball & swing it up as you come up from a squat)
-Jumping lunges: perform until muscle failure
Circuit 3:
-Plank Rows: 10 reps- 5 EACH arm (start in plank with each hand on a dumbbell)
-Supermans: 20 reps
-Squats with bicep curls: 10 reps
-One min. hill run at 15% incline, 5 speed
Circuit 4:
-Hack Squats: 20 reps (use a body ball to do a squat)
-Seated Hamstring curls: perform until muscle failure
-Hammer curls: 20 reps- 10 EACH arm
-Jump rope 2 minutes
Circuit 5:
-Crossover lunges with hammer curls: 20 reps
-Ball crunches: 25 reps
-Hanging abs with a twist: 8 reps each side
-One minute hill run- 15% incline, 5.5 speed
I did these circuits TWICE & just added on some extra crunches on the Bosu ball.
Total Time: 1 hour, Calories burned: 320, Max HR: 203, Avg. HR: 134
After that I headed home & decided that I wanted something different for breakfast- not a green monster- weird, huh? So, I went back to one of my favorites- OATMEAL! I had one package of this:

oatmeal- weight brown- brown sugar

 I mixed in a half of a pear & about a quarter of an apple- had some extras from when I was making my lunch.

half of this

 I cut the fruit into bit size pieces & then sprinkled it with cinnamon:

When I went to reach for the cinnamon, I was confronted with my usual ‘spice issue.’ You see, Craig got me this REALLY nice spice rack/ spinner for Valentine’s day –

BUT, I have not really used it yet, but because I have all of these spices still left in the cupboard. The reason I got this spice rack was due to the fact that I kept complaining / always asking for Craig’s help to get something, because the spices are above the stove…and I’m only 5′ 2″ (and a half 😉 ). So it is REALLY hard for me to see in the back..usually I have to get a chair- haha.

Spices above the stove

Just thought I’d share that 😉

Where do you keep your spices??

Breakfast turned out DELICIOUS! I made it at work because of the time limit..I like to enjoy my breakfast, not rush through it.
I heated the apples & pears up along with the oatmeal.

I headed in to spend my last day at the office. It was kind of sad, but I am SURE I will be back next week to train someone new because they already fired the new girl :/ She was sweet, but it just wasn’t a good fit- she made a lot of little mistakes, and in real estate it’s the little mistakes that cost BIG money. For example, she put in $315,000 for something that was supposed to be $35,000- yikes! Thank goodness for double checking things. I did feel kind of bad for her, but they decided that they wanted to pursue other people. So I told them that I would head over after work next week if need be to help them out 🙂

My planned lunch was the usual:

Courtney says that she is the queen of tupperware, & I feel as though I’m the queen of Ziplocks- lol!!

BUT, I got out early from work- around 11:30am since I really didn’t have anything to do, so I made a YOGURT mess- complete with 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean & 1/2 cup Fruit Loops. LOVE that combination 🙂 Apparently I forgot to take a picture of it- oops! But, of course I couldn’t stop at just a few Fruit Loops, I had to have a bit more:

cup o' loops

What is YOUR favorite mix-ins in your yogurt messes??

And I may have nibbled on a few of these…


This afternoon I headed out to see what I could find for my new job, like I said, I will have to dress professionally everyday..which I do love 🙂

Do you like dressing professionally or would you prefer more of the dressed down look?

I have to show you my findings!!

Black Sandals: $14.99 @ Shoeland

Summer dress: $12.99 @ TJ Maxx

Ruffly black top- $16.99 @ TJ Maxx

5 skirts: Flowery one with belt: $20.00, Jean-looking one: $17.99, All black: $26.00, Blue/green one: $17.99, Rose one: $17.99 all from Kohls

Skirts- close up

3 tanktops with rhinestones- white, purple & pink- each @ $7.99- from Kohls

2 long necklaces- $2.00 & $4.00. One set of earrings: $2.80- all from Kohls

I know it’s a LOT for one shopping trip, BUT I honestly have not bought new ‘professional clothes’ in quite some time. I mean, I’ve gotten a few summer dresses here & there, but I needed some outfits 🙂

The BEST part about all of this was that I had found a coupon for Kohls’s- 15% off my ENTIRE purchase at www.retailmenot.com– if you have not gone there for coupon codes for online codes or printable coupons- you need to check it out!! It has saved me a lot of money!! My total originally at Kohl’s was $144 (around that) but with my 15% off coupon, it was $120.15!!!! Really good right?? I got 5 skirts, 3 cute tanktops, & some accessories for only $120. I thought it was a pretty good bargain! At TJ Maxx I spent $31 & at Shoeland I spent $15. So, all in all, only being about $156!!! And at Kohl’s they have a special going on that for every $50 you spend, you get $10 in Kohl’s cash- so I got $20, which can be spent on ANYTHING you want- a $20 coupon, YES please.  I am a happy girl 🙂 🙂

Where do you go for the best bargains on clothes??
I am ALL about bargains- I will not buy anything full price normally.

I got home JUST in time before it started pouring. Guess who stopped by for a visit??

Mama duck & the new baby ducks!!

baby ducks

They are kind of hard to see- sorry- I was taking the pictures from the porch. But, the Mama duck JUST had these cute litte baby ducks- there are 4 of them. 3 yellow ones & one brown/ black one. I LOVE the babies!! I’m going to TRY to feed them this weekend 🙂

Anyways, that’s about all I have for now…thanks for listening to all of my rambling…as always 🙂

Do you have any plans for tonight??
Craig & I are staying home- just going to get some food (Thai probably), maybe have some wine..?, & then cheer on the MAGIC!!!

Catch ya lata’ gator 🙂

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  1. That’s funny you say you’re 5’2″ and 1/2 because I am 5’3″ and 1/2! and I always says 5’3.5″ like it’s legit measurement!
    We have a sort of similar spice situation, I have spice rack, but then I have more spices that are in a cabinet and I’m always taking them all out to find one.
    Great finds shopping! I love to go to outlet shopping!
    Have a great Friday night!

  2. I’m getting those skirts. The end.


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