Bachelorette Night!

Hi 🙂
Today has been such a relaxing day off- tomorrow is the first day @ my new job! I’m excited- looking forward to a new opportunity.

Well, we both ended up being pretty hungry around I started making dinner. It was ready by 7pm.

What time do you eat dinner?
We typically eat dinner everynight around 7:30pm. We both get off at 5pm..and then it takes us about 30 minutes (b/c of traffic) to get home. Then Craig does his run- sometimes I go with him…and then with showers + dinner prep it ends up being 7:30pm when it’s all said & done. I don’t mind it though. It would be nice to eat a bit earlier..but the time we eat now just kind of works with our schedules.

For dinner I made a recipe from Picky Palate–  Hearty Ground Turkey Chili. I just made a few changes- like I didn’t use the 2 tbsp. oil- I just used cooking spray. & I added a bit extra garlic ;)- as I do with everything.

onions + ground turkey

for the 3 cans of beans I used: 2 cans cannellini, & 1 can dark red kidney

for the tabasco I used Frank's 😉

cooked & ready for eatin'

On the side I made my all time favorite corn bread- Jiffy!

corn bread!

Corn Muffins

My plate

chili- up close!

This chili was really good! And there is SO MUCH- so I froze half of it to use at a later date 🙂

Tonight we are going to watch the NEW bachelorette!

Ali! Love her cute dress & shoes

Off to watch the Bachelorette!! 🙂

CORI: LOVE all of your cooking questions 🙂 Call me whenever- sorry I missed you the first time, we were outside watching the baby ducks 🙂 LOVE you!!!

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  1. Good luck at the first day at the new job tomorrow! It’ll be GREAT! 😀

  2. If it were up to me, I’d eat more like 5:30 or 6 at the latest. I swear I’m like an old lady! Typically we end up eating around 6:30 depending on workout scheds.

  3. Good luck at your job!!!!!

    We eat between 7 and 8. I really don’t like eating late, but somehow it just ends up being that way!

    I’ve been meaning to make turkey chili for awhile now and seeing your pictures makes me want to make it asap! lol

  4. Good luck at work. We usually have dinner at five. So much earlier than most people, but we come in to work really early.

  5. I wish I liked beans. Teach me how to like beans. Hope work goes well! Isn’t it insane how cheap corn muffin mix is? It’s like 90 cents I swear.

  6. peanutbutterfingers

     /  June 1, 2010

    i’m so sad i missed the bachelorette last night! i totally forgot it was on!

  7. How was the new job?? Congrats!

    I did not even know the new one was on yet! Jeez, I have to get with it 🙂

    Your chilli looks tasty! I heart corn bread 🙂



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