Dead Legs?! & Interview Tips

Well when we got to the gym there was a class in the room I would normally use for Making the Cut- part of why I love going early in the morning. So Janetha’s ‘go- to lower body workout’ it was! 

I had to change a few things- especially the amount of weight used because my gym only has barbels that go up by 10 lbs. It’s kind of a pain..but that is all that they have. (they start at 20lb. & go up to 60lb. ) 

*5 min warmup on treadmill
-1 min. @ 3.5 speed
-2 min. @ 6.8
-3 min. @ 7.0

bulgarian split squats
12 each leg @ 20#
15 reverse crunches (on incline)
10 each leg @ 30#
20 bench tuck crunches8 each leg @ 40#
50 ball crunches
6 each leg @ 50#
20 oblique crunches on ball w/ 10lb.# weight on chest
12 each leg @ 20# 

ball-against-wall squats
12 reps w/ 25#
12 second hold

laying hip raises w/ feet on bench & 10# plate on hips
2 sets of 25

2 sets of 30 second hold 

single leg dead lifts
12 each leg @ 20#
15 reverse crunches (on incline)
10 each leg @30#
20 bench tuck crunches
8 each leg @ 40#
50 ball crunches (on Bosu ball)
6 each leg @ 50#
20 oblique crunches on ball w/ 10# weight on chest
12 each leg @ 20# 

stability ball hamstring curls
20 reps 

standing calf raises
12 @ 20#
20 walking lunges: holding 10# plate with twist (when in lunge) and leg raise (with opposite leg when coming out of lunge)
10 @ 40#
20 walking lunges
8 @ 60#
20 walking lunges
8 @ 60#
20 walking lunges
12 @ 20# 

single leg calf raises
12 each leg @ body weight 

10 minutes of ab work: 

I did:
-10 reverse crunches on incline
-20 situps on incline with 10lb. Weight
-10 side to side situps (10 each side) with 10lb. Weight
-50 bicycle crunches
-2 sets of this:
1. 10 V-ups
2. 10V- crunches
3. 10 toe touch crunches
4. 10 hands on knees crunches
-10 reverse wood choppers (each side) with 8 lb. ball
-10 hanging abs
-10 hanging abs with twist (10 each side) 

hyperextension bench
holding 10# plate:
10 reps straight up
10 reps up and twist left
10 reps up and twist right
15 side reps left
15 side reps right 

*2 sets of 10 reps (each side) fire hydrants
*5 min. on Arc Trainer with 10 resistance

Funny story…well, not really funny at the time, but funny now- as I was doing the bulgarian split squats- I went to lift the 50lb. barbel over my head & I smacked my head with the bar.. OUCH! Now I have a nice spot on the top of my forehead- Craig says I look like a unicorn (with my horn) – haha!! 

Total time @ gym: 1 hour, 17 min.; 182 Max HR, 121 Avg. HR; Calories burned: 415

We came home & layed out at the pool for about 2 hours. I was SO glad that it did not rain today!! Finally a good pool day. We got our tan on 😉 

For lunch I made the leftover BBQ Sliders from last night’s dinner. We had 5 left- so Craig ate 3 and a 1/2 & I had 1 & a 1/2 plus butternut squash fries. 


We ate lunch kind of late- around 2:30pm…so I don’t know about dinner. I’m still pretty full…I was planning to make a new meal, but if I’m still full, I think we might just do leftovers. Guess we’ll play it by ear 🙂 

Lexie had asked me last week for some Interview tips. I have thought about it & have come up with my best ones. If you have some- please feel free to add them as well 🙂
1. Personally I do not get nervous when I go on interviews. (probably because I have gone on quite a few :D, especially lately) but I know that a lot of people do get nervous. My best advice for over coming your nerves would to just think “I have to be myself…either they are going to love me, or I’m not exactly what they are looking for that position.” DO NOT let yourself get overwhelmed when you go into an interview. Just be yourself! Don’t try to be someone that you’re not. If things don’t work out, just remember that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. 

2. Act interested about the job. When they call & ask you for an interview ask if they have a website so that you can do your own research on the company. Try to get an overall idea of what the company is all about. Don’t go in to an interview not knowing about the company. 

3. Dress professionally. This is kind of a given…but it’s amazing what I have seen people wear on interviews. At job during college I would be in the office a lot, so I would see some people come in with jeans on for an interview. In my opinion it is NOT ok to wear jeans to an interview. Don’t get me wrong, I love jeans, but they aren’t appropriate for interviews. I actually have a ‘lucky’ outfit- yes, yes- don’t laugh!! 🙂 Everytime I have worn it I have had good luck getting jobs…or getting offered jobs at least. I suggest black/ grey pants & a nice top. NOTHING too revealing. Also, if you wear a dress or skirt, make sure it’s no higher than a bit above your knee. You don’t want to give people the wrong impression when you first go in to a new company. 

4. Like I said before, be yourself. I like to be funny sometimes. I mean of course it’s not always appropriate- but you can sense when the time is right to make someone laugh. 

5. Be sure to smile. Not the entire time…but just smile. Not a fake smile though- people know the difference. 

6. (this one is probably my FAVORITE) Ask whoever is interviewing you about the company itself. For example- on my last interview for my new job- it is a financial company- so I asked them what type of finances they deal in, how long they have been in the business, who their typical clients are, etc. I think they like when you inquire about the company- makes you seem interested in the company. (and you should be if you are interviewing for a job) 

7. When they ask you why you are switching jobs or looking for a new job- I always say that I am looking for a CAREER not a JOB. There is a HUGE difference. I honestly was looking for a career when I found the job position that I have now. I definitely see it as a career & am very much looking forward to starting my CAREER. But employers like to know that you are looking for a long term thing, not just a ‘for the moment’ position. 

I hope these help 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions!! 

I’m off- to catch up on my stuff! HA!! It’s a GTL kind of day 😉

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  1. Ouch on the head. Hate it when I do stuff like that (and i do it often I’ll admit). Looks like a great workout! Glad you got some pool time too.

  2. Haha, GTL, lol!

    Love butternut squash fries, I have some in the oven right now!

    Great interview tips!

    Hope your unicorn bump goes away soon! ouch!

  3. I love this. You’re awesome.


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