Pancake Truffles!!

GOOD MORNING!!! Don’t you LOVE that we don’t have to go to work today?? WOOHOO!! I loved being able to sleep in a bit this morning.

Last night I was able to catch up on the Bachelorette! It was on at 9pm- I was SO bummed that I didn’t catch it when it first premiered last Sunday..but thankfully it was on  again last night 🙂 I already have a favorite–

Chris H.


Hunter - ew.

 I got Craig to watch it with me..& of course he is rooting for the Craigs- both of which I do not like either- haha!

This morning I made Caitlin’s Pancake Truffles. They were REALLY good. Just looking at the picture of them makes you want to make them immediately! They funny thing was that when I was making them, she happened to come on the commercial for Girlfriend Getaway.  I was like “OMG it’s Caitlin!!!!” I just thought it was pretty cool that she was on TV as I was making her recipe 😀 I had seen the commercial before about a couple of weeks ago- so I had to ‘tweet’ her 🙂

Wheat & Honey Pancake mix

Mix + crushed pecans

Pre- bake- it made a TON more than I had thought- I had planned on making 6, this is 14!!


Craig's plate- I made him some eggs mixed with some egg substitute

My plate + coffee mug 🙂

inside of truffles

these were SO good!!! Perfect light breakfast before the gym.

We are now getting ready to go to the gym 🙂 I am going to do either Making the cut or Janetha’s go- to Lower body workout. Depends on whether or not they have a class in the room I need to use for Making the Cut. We’ll see!

I’ll be back later!! Have a FUN day!

Any plans today????

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  1. Have fun at the gym and hope you have a great day. Today I am playing catch up on chores.

  2. It’s so great not having to work today!!!
    Have a good one!

  3. Have a great day off today! I’m enjoying a chill day before getting back to regularly scheduled stuff tomorrow.


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