In Need of Sleep.

Hi πŸ™‚

How is your Wednesday going??? I hope well!

This morning I started out at the gym…did Making the Cut- Day 26:

Circuit 1:
-Medium-Underhand -Grip Pull downs: Perform reps until muscle failure
-Seated Cable Rows: Perform reps until muscle failure & hold a midpoint position on last repetition for 30 seconds
-Jump Squats: 15 reps
-One-Leg Pelvic thrusts: perform reps until muscle failure
Circuit 2:
-Wide Grip Lat pull-downs: 20 reps
-Squat Swings: 10 reps (use a medicine ball & swing it up as you come up from a squat)
-Jumping lunges: perform until muscle failure
Circuit 3:
-Plank Rows: 10 reps- 5 EACH arm (start in plank with each hand on a dumbbell)
-Supermans: 20 reps
-Squats with bicep curls: 10 reps
-One min. hill run at 15% incline, 5 speed
Circuit 4:
-Hack Squats: 20 reps (use a body ball to do a squat)
-Seated Hamstring curls: perform until muscle failure
-Hammer curls: 20 reps- 10 EACH arm
-Jump rope 2 minutes
Circuit 5:
-Crossover lunges with hammer curls: 20 reps
-Ball crunches: 25 reps (did these on the Bosu ball instead)
-Hanging abs with a twist: 8 reps each side
-One minute hill run- 15% incline, 5.5 speed

I did these circuits TWICE. Total time @ gym: 48 minutes, Total calories: 300, Max HR: 186, Avg. HR: 128

When I got home, I attempted to make a smoothie without protein powder. Needless to say, it was a fail. I didn’t even take a picture of it. But, I did try to drink most of it- but I couldn’t drink all of it. I made it with a frozen banana, some blueberries, 1/2 carton Strawberry Chobani, 1/2 cup Plain Chobani, 1 tsp. cocoa powder, some water & some ice. It was rather yucky. Just tasted like BLAH! But I hate wasting, & I didn’t have time to make anything else, so I just tried to chug it on my drive.
Today I finished all of my training at work- so I was on my own in the afternoon. I felt really comfortable…and they were nice enough to let me leave @ 4pm because I had a dr. appointment @ 4:30pm that I could not re-schedule. They are SUPER nice people to work for πŸ™‚ He is not like a boss that you dread, I actually like him- very friendly & down to earth.
Anyways, for lunch I had the usual. – Added a little Fiber one cereal to put in my yogurt, plus a few blueberries.

Lunch with blueberry Chobani, few blueberries, 1 serving animal crackers, a pear, an apple, some Fiber One & one alternative bagel- unpictured- oops!

Lunch was a little more feeling today than yesterday- added the pear…but I didn’t eat a snack after work because I had to go straight to the doctor.

For my workout #2- I went after work with Craig to the gym. I did of did a mish-mosh of stuff. I HATE going to the gym un-prepared..but that’s how I went in today. I feel like a lost little puppy- just kind of walking around…and not wanting to work the same muscles twice. Here it is- my crazy/ weird workout:
– 3 sets of 5 reps- Bench Presses- 45lb. bar + 10 lb on each side= 65 lb.
-3 sets of 10 reps-Shoulder Presses- 15 lb. weights
-20 Bosu ball crunches with Cable behind my head (35lb.)

-Then about 20 minutes of Ab work- inc.: 30 V-ups, 30 V-crunches, 30 (each side) oblique crunches on Body ball, 30 reverse wood choppers, 30 crunches with hands on knees, 30 regular crunches on Body ball, 30 toe touch crunches, & various other things. I did the 30 reps in sets of 10.

-15 min. on Elliptical- 10 resistance.

-50 Ab crunches (on machine) with 60lb. weight

-Back extensions- 50 weight

-20 more Bosu ball crunches with cable- 35lb.

& probably a few other things that I just can’t remember. GRRR! Sorry, I HATE HATE HATE not remembering what I did. It’s a pet peeve.

Total time: 1 hr. 5 min., 255 calories (as you can see, didn’t work out too hard- just enough to get moving), Max HR: (which I KNOW is wrong- my HR monitor is messed up for some reason.) 234 <–WRONG; Avg HR: 107

Do you prepare before you go to the gym? I always have my printed out workout with me. I prep the night before, figure out what I’m going to do (intervals or circuits or full body weights, etc.) & I figure out what kind of cardio to do as well.

When we came home I kind of threw dinner together. Thankfully I had prepped a bit last night for tonight. I got the idea for dinner from Picky Palate- did not follow the recipe..just liked her idea πŸ™‚ Spaghetti topped French bread. I used a bit under a 1/2 a box for both halves.

Prepared Angel Hair pasta w/ sauce

Craig's half- pepperoni with provolone cheese, topped with pasta

My half- bottom: spinach, mushrooms & garlic

side by side πŸ™‚

Β The French bread I got is 1/2 of the regular size French bread. Got it from Super Target πŸ™‚

close up- mmmm mushrooms!!

baked- oops- 1/2 of Craig's is missing...I already put it on his plate

My plate- 1 1/2 chunks

bite πŸ˜‰

That was dinner. It was good- pretty basic. But good for a quick, easy meal.

Sorry this post is kind of boring tonight. I am just DEAD tired. I didn’t sleep well last night- was having a lot of stomach issues 😦 Hence the dr. visit I’m hoping tonight I will get a good night’s sleep!!! My body is in much need.

Hope you have a GREAT night πŸ™‚ & I don’t know how many blogs I will get to read tonight, but I will definitely catch up tomorrow night. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Holy yumm!

  2. Holy workouts girl!!! I am very much OCD about being prepared for lifting weights. I keep workout charts and write in the projected weights, the number of reps, even the lifting pattern (like 2 up 6 down).

  3. Do you always work out twice a day?

  4. I’m so jealous about your two-a-days. The campus gym doesn’t even open in the summer until 8:00 and I have to work at 8:30. Waaaahhh. 😦

    Anyway, look at you with those bench presses! And you always fit in your ab work. Six pack much?

  5. I always try to at least have an idea of what I’d like to accomplish!

    and delicious looking food!


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