Mix of Ideas

This afternoon we got off to a great start- went to the gym & I did some upper body work plus cardio.
I used a workout that I found on Janetha’s site. I have been all over her site today- breakfast & my workout 🙂 Her blog is a typical ‘go to’ for pretty much anything 😀

move weight reps targets
front raises 7.5# dumbbell each hand 20 shoulders
upright row 7.5# dumbbell each hand 20 shoulders
overhead press 7.5# dumbbell each hand 20 shoulders
narrow pushups body weight 10 triceps
skull crushers (on ball) 12.5# dumbbell each hand 20 triceps
french press (on ball) 12.5# dumbbell each hand 20 triceps
ball crunches 12.5# dumbbell on chest 20 abs
left oblique crunch (on ball) body weight 20 abs
right oblique crunch (on ball) body weight 20 abs
back extension (on ball) 12.5# dumbbell in hands 20 back
low to mid biceps curl 12.5# dumbbell each hand 7 biceps
mid to high biceps curl 12.5# dumbbell each hand 7 biceps
full range biceps curl 12.5# dumbbell each hand 7 biceps

I then ran 5 minutes @ 6.8 speed.

I did this circuit THREE times (with the 5 min. run after each weight circuit) I then did some more ab work:
-60 hands on knees crunches
-60 bench tuck crunches
-50 crunches with calves on stability ball

Total time at gym: 1 hour 9 min., Max HR: 173, Avg. HR: 123; Calories burned: 382

When we got done with the workout, we were both super hungry!! So I ran into Publix really quick- Craig sat in the car. He despises the grocery store…but I LOVE it. Thankfully for him I was just running in to grab a few things for tonight’s dinner.
Does your significant other mind going to the grocery store??

This morning I saw on Courtney’s blog a picture of baked ziti with salad & bread…and that was IT. My dinner was decided 😉 But THEN Katie mentioned something on my comments about using Carba Nada noodles & Laughing Cow cheese for a sauce…so then I was all mixed up.  I decided to do a combination of BOTH. Since we both were hungry, I made a pretty big dinner. First, I started out with a spinach & strawberry salad.

Included: Spinach, strawberries, a tbsp. pecans, 2 hard boiled egg whites, some cucumber slices, &a bit of reduced fat feta cheese.

reduced fat feta cheese

I love Athenos feta cheese- they always have good flavored ones & also the reduced fat is delicious as well.

Ken's Raspberry Pecan Fat Free Dressing- SO GOOD! Highly recommended

My bowl

For the main meal- I made a sauce for the pasta that was a sort of Alfredo/ Tomato Mix, it included:
-2/3 cup skim milk
-4 wedges Laughing Cow garlic & herb light cheese

-1/2 tbsp. margarine
-about 2 tbsp. minced garlic (LOVE garlic..)
-2 tbsp. Italian Seasoning

and about 1/2 cup tomato sauce- just the plain stuff from the can. I then threw in 2 Boca Burgers– Bruschetta flavored. I broke them up into the sauce.


the sauce

And for the main course, I HAD to try my Carba Nada noodles. They were just staring at me every time I would open the pantry.

Roasted garlic flavor

I still am in TOTAL shock about little calories there are in these- especially for pasta! ONLY 140/ serving. And there are 5 serving per bag. And, let me tell you they are BIG servings. SO AWESOME. I think I have found a new L-O-V-E. Now I see why Julie always makes them!!:)

I also made some bread that I picked up at Publix on the side:



My plate

another view

YUM YUM YUM!! Those noodles are SO good. Loved it! I just wish I could pick them at a local grocery store, instead of having to order them. I’m hoping I can order them in bulk at a discounted price because then we would just eat these from now on instead of regular pasta. I mean, it’s not bad- only $3.99 per bag…but if I could get them in bulk maybe they’d be cheaper…?

Now I’m off to catch up on Housewives of NY!! We DVR-ed it from earlier this week. And then I think we will be watching Valkyrie.

Have you seen it??/ What do you think of it if you have??

Anyways, I’m off- but I leave you with some cute pictures of the baby ducks. 🙂 We were outside feeding them tonight.

another shot of craig feeding them 🙂


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  1. That dinner looks YUMMY!!! 😛

  2. haha marshall hates to go to the grocery store too. that salad looks awesome!

  3. So, I swear half the pics on my camera are of ducks. I love them. And I really want to try those noodles. I’ll see if they carry them anywhere around here.


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