Recipe that’ll STUFF ya!

Hiya!! 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. I keep wishing it was Memorial Day weekend again…LOVE those 4 day weeks.

For breakfast this morning I ventured out & decided to make Craig something I had been seeing a lot of- Frittatas. I kind of just did my own thing. I know what he likes, so I just went off that. In the frittata went: chopped green peppers, chopped onion, 3 pieces cooked bacon, 3 eggs & Mexican four cheese.
I just mixed everything together, sprinkled the cheese on top & some paprika.
I baked it at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

mixed up & ready to bake!

baked & ready for C

I also made Courtney’s Hearty Oat Loaf recipe. I only made one change- substituted the oil for applesauce.

the recipe

applesauce works great for when recipes call for oil

when I added the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients

poured into a dish & sprinkled with cinnamon- LOVE cinnamon!


I also made 2 egg whites with spinach & mushrooms for me to go along with my bread.

My plate- egg whites + 2 small pieces bread with raspberry jelly

another angle

I also enjoyed some iced coffee with 2 splenda.

C's plate. That egg frittata got HUGE!!

I really like the bread recipe. It is really dense & very filling which is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I had asked earlier in the week for some filling breakfast ideas & this is perfect! Courtney had the right idea to put peanut butter on it- I had a small piece with PB too & YUMM!! LOVE it! Thanks Court! 🙂

After breakfast we kind of just hung around, watched some tv, feed the ducks, etc. Oh, I went to the grocery store to get what we needed for the week. But I CANNOT find quinoa at the store 😦 I’m thinking I’m supposed to look in the rice section?? Right??!  Please let me know if there is another section I should look in.

We were both SUPER full from breakfast & stayed that way. No lunch- too stuffed!

We headed to the gym around 3pm. Today I did one of my new-found favorite workouts- my version of Janetha’s Go-To lower body workout…I think this has become my ‘go-to’ lower body workout as well. It is AWESOME!! Your legs really feel it…and they feel it the next few days too 😉

*8 min warmup on treadmill
-2 min. @ 3.5 speed
-5 min. @ 6.8
-1 min. @ 3.5

bulgarian split squats
12 each leg @ 20#
15 reverse crunches (on incline)
10 each leg @ 30#
20 bench tuck crunches8 each leg @ 40#
50 ball crunches
6 each leg @ 50#
20 oblique crunches on ball w/ 10lb.# weight on chest
12 each leg @ 20# 

ball-against-wall squats
12 reps w/ 25#
12 second hold

laying hip raises w/ feet on bench & 10# plate on hips
2 sets of 25

2 sets of 30 second hold 

single leg dead lifts
12 each leg @ 20#
15 reverse crunches (on incline)
10 each leg @30#
20 bench tuck crunches
8 each leg @ 40#
50 ball crunches (on Bosu ball)
6 each leg @ 50#
20 oblique crunches on ball w/ 10# weight on chest
12 each leg @ 20# 

stability ball hamstring curls
20 reps 

standing calf raises
12 @ 20#
20 walking lunges: holding 10# plate with twist (when in lunge) and leg raise (with opposite leg when coming out of lunge)
10 @ 40#
20 walking lunges
8 @ 60#
20 walking lunges
8 @ 60#
20 walking lunges
12 @ 20# 

single leg calf raises
12 each leg @ body weight 

10 minutes of ab work: 

I did:
-10 reverse crunches on incline
-20 situps on incline with 10lb. Weight
-10 side to side situps (10 each side) with 10lb. Weight
-50 bicycle crunches
-2 sets of this:
1. 10 V-ups
2. 10V- crunches
3. 10 toe touch crunches
4. 10 hands on knees crunches
-10 reverse wood choppers (each side) with 8 lb. ball
-10 hanging abs
-10 hanging abs with twist (10 each side) 

hyperextension bench
holding 10# plate:
10 reps straight up
10 reps up and twist left
10 reps up and twist right
15 side reps left
15 side reps right 

*2 sets of 10 reps (each side) fire hydrants
*5 min. on Arc Trainer with 10 resistance
Total time at gym: 1 hour, 14 min.; Max HR: 175, Avg. HR: 118; Calories burned: 379
When we came home from the gym around 4pm we were both still FULL! Believe it or not. YAY for filling recipes 😀
But Craig asked if I could make him a protein shake when we got home so he ‘wouldn’t over indulge at dinner.’ <–cute right?! I got him trained right 😉 jk!
Into the smoothie went protein powder, 1 banana & 4 strawberries plus about 1/2 cup- 3/4 cup milk (didn’t measure) I filled up his cup & there was about 6 oz. left, so I had a little glass of it.

my cup of smoothie goodness

Right now we are just hanging out…again. I’ll be making dinner soon- I have a NEW recipe to try- WOOP WOOP!! 🙂
I’ll catch ya later!
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  1. So glad you liked the bread!! 😀
    And I LOVE your idea of adding cinnamon…I’m totally doing that next time!


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