Book of Workouts

Hi 😀 Hope you are having a great afternoon so far!

I figured I would go ahead & share my workout this morning since I had some time. This morning was an all weight/ strength workout…tonight I’ll be doing some cardio.

Exercise Weight
Deadlift and bent-over row combo 15lb. Each hand
Thruster  15lb. Each hand
Sumo Squat and curl 15lb. Each hand
Side Step-up on bench 15lb. Each hand
Sumo squat with medicine ball 8lb. Ball
Single Legged deadlift 15lb. Each hand, then 10lb.each hand
Single Legged Squat 10lb. Each hand
Modified Fly Squat (do fly as you squat) 5 lb. each hand
Donkey Kicks with Weight  5 lb. on leg

I did this circuit THREE times and then at the end I added some weighted  Bosu ball crunches- I pulled the weight from behind my head (using a cable machine)

Total time at gym: 42 minutes; calories burned: 210

I went to this afternoon (one of my routines 🙂 ) & guess whose article was in the ‘top headlines’?! Tina’s!! 3 ways to feel more satisfied after meals. I enjoy reading her blog & also all of her articles, thought you might too 😀 Also, need a reason to justify that cocktail?? Read THIS!

I kind of mixed some exercises that I had pulled out from various magazines/ found online & came up with a workout plan. I have a notebook filled with various exercises that I have found- either in magazines, online or on other blogs. I typically go thru it the night before I work out & decide what I’m going to do the next day.

How do you plan your workouts? Where do you get your workouts from?

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  1. great workout. the squat/fly thing sounds fun! i make my workouts up in my head and i get ideas for new moves from the internet.

  2. I admire you for doing magazine workouts because I am never motivated enough to do them on my own! I need to start though because they are so convenient. I like to go to classes like body pump, spin, and yoga for my exercise, or I just ride my bike around!


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