Re-thinking Things.

Surprise!! Afternoon post 😀

I had a few free minutes at I thought I’d share my morning workout. It was great- love these new workouts from The New Rules of Weight Lifting For Women. Once I figured out how the workouts actually work..yes, it took me some time- and some ‘Googling’ helped. It’s just kind of hard to get how they are set up..@ least for me it was. But once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy.

This morning I did Workout #2:

Exercise Weight Reps
Deadlift 30-40lb. Barbell 15
Deadlift 30-40lb. Barbell 15
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 15lb. Each hand 15
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 50 lb.  15
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 15lb. Each hand 15
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 50lb.  15
Lunge (w/ dumbbells) 10lb. Each hand 15
Swiss Ball crunch 25lb. Weight 10
Lunge (w/ dumbbells) 10lb. Each hand 15
Swiss Ball crunch 25lb. Weight 10

I went thru this routine THREE times & then I did some ab work:

Exercise Reps
V-situp 10
V-crunch 10
Hands on knees crunch 10
Toe Touch Crunch 10
Crunches on Bosu 50

I also did this routine THREE times, except the 50 crunches on the Bosu- that was just once.

Total Time: 45 minutes, Total calories: 230

I felt really strong after this workout- with the weights. I love the fact that I am seeing in myself improvement in how MUCH I can lift…and I am seeing a bit more definition in my arms. YAY for Weight Training- LOVE IT! I will NEVER be just a cardio queen. Such a different weight training can make 😀

What is your favorite arm exercise?? I love toned arms- I think they look great. I’m not trying to have super defined arms, I would like them to be nice & toned though. I’m really understanding how one exercise affects another exercise- like why you train certain groups together. Like this routine:
Monday: Biceps and Back
Tuesday: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders
Wednesday: Legs and abs
Thursday: Biceps and Back
Friday: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders

This is kind of a touchy subject to me, but I’m going to bring it up anyways. A few people have written to me about my recent two a day exercise pattern- and they have expressed their concerns. (THANK YOU!- LOVE you all) But something really hit home yesterday- Craig brought up that he was concerned that I was becoming obsessed with exercising/ addicted to it. Now it is not something that I am denying…but I also want to clarify that I REALLY do enjoy exercising. It’s like a ‘high’ for me.- (ok, that might be a bad example, but you get what I’m saying)
But he did talk to me & tell me that he did not think it was healthy. (which I do know)..and it is not ‘normal.’ Exercising twice in a day is a lot…for anyone. Of course if you are training for something in particular- like a marathon..than it’s pretty typical that you would want to train a lot- or twice in a day.

I explained to him that I really do enjoy it- and I love going with him @ night…but I also like going in the morning because it wakes me up- gets me going. So he made a compromise with me- he made me promise that I would stick to just doing cardio once a day- like strength in the morning & then cardio at night, or vice versa. I have read that doing that is a good thing. I still plan to do 2- a-days..but sometimes I will just go once a day.

It really just made me think though because his concern was SO geniune & that my health is extremely important to him as well. (he really is the best 😉 ) But just seeing the look in his face was kind of what made me re-think my gym activities.

I really just feel like I’m doing good things for my body with working out a lot…I feel great & I see improvements. That’s why I really enjoy working out so much.

After initially posting this, I found an article from active. com & thought it was interesting- about exercise addiction. I don’t see a lot of these in me at all- like I do not exercise when I have a major injury, I don’t skip family functions to exercise… but I do find it necessary to make exercise a part of my everyday life. (which I don’t think is a bad thing.)

I would love to hear your thoughts & opinions & I promise nothing will hurt my feelings!!

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  1. Hey Holly,

    We’ve talked about this on a personal level already but reading this post made me think of my relationship with exercise vs. my relationship with my bf too. He was overly concerned for me as was everyone else. My answer was also that I loved exercise, which I did. Why though? Because I knew that I was getting super toned, super thin and “looking the way I wanted” from it. I never wanted to lift because I was sooo excited to wake up and go to the gym to get pumped, I’d much rather lay in bed and watch some trashy tv or even cuddle 😉 but I realize that I liked lifting and doing cardio because I knew what the end result was, that I would be really skinny. And hey, it worked. Now that I don’t exercise as much I feel better, more normal and if I “miss” a work out, I dont BEAT myself up crazy about it. I feel like I’ve been slacking off a little though, going from twice a day, to once a day, to now only a few times a week but as of lately, I’m on my 4th day off which is a bit excessive I know. But I just want to say that I also think it’s not normal (I’ve been there) and that you really should not work out so much. I think you know that too. Hope everything else is going well!! Lots of love ❤


  2. Hey girl – sounds like a great workout. I love doing bicep work (and shoulder too). I love having defined arms. As for the 2-a-days – I think they’re fine (I do them frequently) as long as they aren’t both over-the-top intense. I typically break up cardio and weights. I love to get in a workout at lunch for that boost of energy you talked about. Just listen to your body is my advice. If you start to feel super fatigued, achy, irritable, then you should evaluate why. But if you vary the intensity levels, I think you’re fine. Do a search for overtraining syndrome. There’s lots of good info out there. I have totally hit the overtraining wall before and really have to watch myself.

  3. nice workout!! have you ever tried kettlebells? GREAT workout!

  4. That’s so sweet that he brought it up!!! I’m always so inspired by your gym habits!!! I do truly get the feeling you enjoy it though! However, a reevaluation never hurts!

  5. I think it’s okay to go twice a day and split up the cardio/weight training. I’ve done that before, but for me, it was because of time constraints. It helped me to break up the work out. I 100% understand your feeling after you work out, but I’m afraid you may burn yourself out. You can’t work out 2 times a day forver. Or, maybe you can, but I think you might start sacrificing other activites. I just don’t want it to become so much of a habit that you start turning down things after work to go to the gym again. I also don’t want you to focus too much on the calories you burn. You’re doing great and any exercise – despite the calorie burn – is going to be great for you because you eat so well most of the time. You may not focus that much on the calories, but I just thought it was worth mentioning. I’ve been there where I was obsessed with calories and it’s a really lonely place to be.

  6. I just recently went through a similar experience. I was a total cardio person. And then I found weight training 🙂 It is easy to get “addicted” I too was working out 2x per day. I totally know what you’re talking about with the “high” you’re getting and it’s awesome. I’ve recently cut back to 1x per day because like you I was getting slack from everyone…people whom I didn’t even realized paid that much attention. I’m still weight training hard but only 1 time now. I too am enjoying the change in my arms. Keep up the good work!!

  7. I have noticed that you go 2x a day..and I defiantly know what that is like ..because I have worked out twice a day in the past… And even had people tell me that I should only workout once a day.

    That being said…I know what it is like to also “LOVE” exercise! I love how it makes me feel and look! However, I have actually learned that working out too much actually caused my body to ‘hold on’ to a few extra pounds! I liken it to the same thing as under-eating..your body will do whatever it needs to in order to maintiain ‘balance’ and when we over-train (or burn too many calories in one day) our bodies will ‘hold on’ to the food we eat in fear of ‘starvation’ …I know it doesn’t make sense, but our bodies will do what they have to to protect themselves! 🙂

    So…Since I only work out 5X a week and no more than one hour (at the most 1 1/2 hours) a day…I have lost lose last ‘5 lbs’ and gotten more toned than ever before!

    Just a thought, but I really suggest ‘cutting back’ and seeing how you feel..I can pretty much say from my personal experience that you will not gain weight…and you may even loose, and/or build muscle easier! 🙂


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