Finally, a Re-cap

FINALLY I can give you my weekend re-cap. My sister & her husband brought my camera to me- so nice 😀 I was beyond happy to see that thing- never thought I’d miss my camera so much- LOL!

Friday night Craig & I left Orlando around 6pm, & arrived in Jacksonville around 8pm- we decided to grab Zaxby’s for dinner…kind of a tradition.  I got the house salad with GRILLED chicken & a bbq honey mustard type of dressing.
I stole this picture from the website, since I forgot to take a picture:

Like this, but grilled...and I didn't eat the bread.

My mom knows me too well & found these AMAZING ginger snap cookies. I LOVE ginger snaps & usually only find the really good ones around Christmas time. Well, she managed to find the SUPER yummy ones at a store near her & got me some of them!!

they are thin- like Pringles...but SO delicious

Then we headed to bed around 12am- WAY late for me, but we were up talking to my parents.

You already know my workout/ stats from the other day– the 4 mile run.

For breakfast I made 1/3 cup old fashioned oats with 3/4 cup water, blueberries, strawberries, a bit of honey, and some splenda.


I also enjoyed some iced coffee with breakfast- my Dad always makes the BEST coffee- nice & STRONG.

My Mom also made Monkey bread for herself, Craig & my dad. I’m not a big fan of it…but Craig sure enjoyed it.

Monkey bread for the boys

As you can see, Craig HATED it. 🙂

After breakfast Craig & I headed to see the family I used to babysit for. It was SO great getting to see them- they have all gotten SO big. The oldest Harrison, who was 7 when I started babysitting is now going into 11th grade & taller than me. Jackie, who was around 5 when I started babysitting is now going into HIGH SCHOOL!! & she is so smart- quite the social butterfly as well 😀 Montgomery, the youngest- who was still in diapers when I started baby sitting is now going into 5th grade- and he’s SO big! I could NOT believe it!! They are all such awesome kids with GREAT parents! I’m so sad that I didn’t think to get pictures of me with them 😦 We were all so busy catching up- that it totally slipped my mind.

After that, Craig & I headed to the beach for a bit- we had to get ourselves some sun!! 🙂 It turned out to be a great day- just super hot. We only stayed out there for about two hours & then headed back home.

On the way back home, I had the infamous SF Red Bull:


When we got there, everyone was there. I ran to take a quick shower & then got to catch up with my family. I grabbed some watermelon to munch on while we talked- it was too late for lunch (like 3pm) & dinner would be served soon, so I didn’t want to ruin my appetite.

 It was so nice- it’s ALWAYS the boys in one room, girls in the other. Kind of funny. When my parents re-did their house, they actually got French doors between the kitchen & the living room put in so that my dad could close the doors when all of the ladies got together- he says we always talk too loud 😀 The guys did their thing- watched sports & Caddyshack..and us girls caught up on life & had some baby talk! We are all so excited for the new addition.

For dinner we had some grilled chicken, salad, & my aunt’s famous macaroni salad.


the BEST macaroni salad- she adds tuna fish to it, which makes it SOOO good.

My plate- salad w/ grilled chicken & a bit of macaroni salad

& a glass of to my left over salad dressing from the previous night

YUM! So good. Perfect dinner- & of course we had some more family chat time 😀

Oh, look who I found trying to SNEAK some food-

I caught the sneaky lil' devil on camera!

ohhh hiiiii you little sneak!

While I was home, my mom gave me a few presents that I am SO excited about using:

All-Clad Panini Press!!!!!!!


A bundt pan!

I’m SOOOOO excited to try out my panini press & my bundt pan. It wasn’t even Christmas & I got these awesome gifts!! My mom rocks 😀 She knows my cooking habits too well!

You already know about the drive home from Jacksonville..not so good 😦 buttttttt, it was an eye opener.

I want to tell everyone THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU about all of the comments on my last post. Like I said, I have the BEST blog friends…I feel like you all are my friends in real life as well. I love how there are so many people that can relate to my situation.

My breakfast & lunch were pretty standard- the same as last week’s- not gonna bore you with that.

I did do another workout…well, not even a real workout- I did a walk on the treadmill/ a little jog.
10 minutes @ 3.6- 4% incline
5 minutes @ 6.5 – 2 % incline
12 minutes @ 3.6- 4% incline
Then 15 ball passes, 30 crunches with calves on ball, 30 side crunches (each side), 20 side to side moves with weights in my hand, 50 crunches on ball, & 30 prone glute lifts (each leg)

I know I said in my previous post that I am going to work on only doing one workout a day…but I seriously don’t see this as a true workout. I was just kind of loosing up after work- like if I were to have a dog, I would take it on a walk after work- that’s how I saw it.
Total time: 40 minutes, Cals: 200

I also talked to my Dad about the whole situation- we have a lot of similar habits- like the OCD stuff. I told him that I am going to work on everything..and NOT let it effect my life anymore. He also agreed & told me that he thinks Craig is a ‘great guy & everything he is looking for in a son-in-law’ awww 😀  He said he didn’t want it to harm our relationship & ‘scare him away.’ I had to agree…
My dad is such an awesome person to talk to about EVERYTHING. He listens to me & gives me the best advice as well. My dad is the BEST dad EVER.

For dinner tonight I made a spinach salad with strawberries, tomatos, a bit of fat free cheddar, some diced up turkey, 1 hard boiled egg white & some croutons. Topped with a lite Asian balsamic dressing.


Now I’m just relaxing & watching the Bachelorette- rooting for Roberto. If you watch it, who do you like?

Have a great night. I think I hear my frozen yogurt calling me…I might have to answer soon…after I finish up with the laundry of course 😉

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  1. The oatmeal looks soooo good. Love adding the strawberries with the blueberries. Yum. It’s so great that you can share with your dad – someone who understands you fully.

  2. Hey! all of your food still looks REALLY good!

    And I hope I’m not sticking my nose where it should be..b/c I KNOW it can get annoying to get comments like I’m about to give so if you ever want me to stop, say “Lisa, I know, but stop”, k?!

    But, I think you are just tricking yourself and rationalizing that the 2nd workout was ok for you. By saying “it’s not really a workout, just like a walking a dog” etc. If you truly want to beat this exercise addiction, I think you’ve got to stop with the 2 a days. I think just being at the gym makes it a workout. It’s like mentally, right now, you feel like you NEED or HAVE to be at the gym twice a day. If you feel the need to be active later in the evening, go for a casual walk outside with the boy ya know?

    Anyways, I just say that b/c I noticed it.

    I hope you have a good day today!

  3. I watched the Bacelorette last night and can I just say that I don’t really like Ally…she annoys me. So it is definitely ruining the show for me!


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