Breakin’ The Routine

Well I’m back & I have LOTS to share with ya 😀

First though- gotta thru breakfast & lunch…so we’ll make this quick.
Breakfast was my ‘Apple filling’ & some coffee. I also made Craig some coffee to go as well & he texted me and that that the ‘coffee was extra good today.’ WOOHOO! Props for the coffee…scorrrre 😉 Craig is SOOOO predictable in his morning routine- it is literally the EXACT same every day, except on Fridays I usually make him coffee & oatmeal for breakfast- it’s kind of like a ‘happy Friday’ tradition. He loves it…I just find it funny because of how stuck in his ways he is. (it’s cute.) But today I was making coffee & he happened to be downstairs @ the same time, and I said, ‘would you like some coffee this morning to take with you?’ He looked at me and said, ‘nahhh, it’s not Friday.’ I just gave the oh, ok look & continued making my coffee. Well, as he was walking up stairs he looked over & said….’welllllll, if you are already making coffee, then I guess I’ll take some too.’ haha 😀 I was shocked because he was breaking his morning tradition!!

Does your significant other have certain routines that make you laugh?

apples + coffee

apple close up.

I did have a new morning snack- a Golden Corn VitaTop. I have to say, I was a LITTLE disappointed with this one. You know me & my love of corn bread…it’s wasn’t ‘corny’ (<– haha) enough for me. Don’t get me wrong, they were good- I just wish there was some more corn flavor. I topped it off with some PB2.

Lunch was the usual- sorry they are so boring…I’m just very stuck in this. I think it’s because of all of the delicious fruit in season right now. Hey, at least the flavors change…right?! 😉

same ol' same ol'

 and of course I made it into a delightful yogurt mess:

Afternoon snack- Sweet Wheat Alternative Bagel.

And NOW for one of the most AWESOME workouts I’ve done in a while….it is a HUGE mix of things- but here are the sites you can go to to see where I got the combination & a description of the moves.
The Ultimate Boot Camp: Week 3 & Tone Zone. If you can’t find it, or the links don’t work- let me know.
Warm up on treadmill:
2 minute walk @ 3.7
3 minute jog @ 7.0

Exercise Reps Weight
Test the water 3x 12- each leg 10lb each
Take a Walk 3 x 20 BW
squats 25 BW
squat jumps 10 BW
Squat thrusts with pushup 10 BW
side to side lunges 10- each side BW
 push up rows 10 10lb each
Rotational Lunge with shoulder press 2×10 each leg 10lb each
Single Leg Deadlift with Row 3×10 each leg 10lb each
squats 25 BW
squat jumps 10 BW
squat thrusts with pushup 10 BW
side to side lunges 10 each side BW
push up rows 10 10lb each
plank with front raise 12×3 each side 10lb each
sumo squat w/ medicine ball circles 3 x 10 (full circles) 8lb. Ball
squat hold 1 minute BW
inch worms 15 BW
Turkish get ups 10 each leg 5lb. Wt
Alternating Lunges 15 each leg 5lb. Each
Swiss Thigh & Fly 3x 15 5lb. each
squat hold 1 minute BW
inch worms 15 bw
Turkish get ups 10 each leg 5lb.
Alternating Lunges 15 each leg 5lb.each

Ended with 50 crunches with calves on the stability ball.

This workout was HARD! And I’m already feeling the sore ness — tomorrow morning is going to be roug (as for soreness) I feel like I have to walk around like a duck because my legs are so sore- haha!

Total time: 57:52 minutes, Max HR: 176, Avg HR: 137, Calories burned: 381.
And just so you know, the Max HR was achieved during the WORKOUT section of this, not the running. All of these moves in the workout section kept my heart rate pretty high.

If you try it, let me know what you think 🙂

Now, for dinner- my Family’s recipe for pasta salad. This is SUPER easy, but it’s really good & makes a LOT- so it’s good for next day’s lunch or dinner.
-1 lb. pasta, cooked & chilled in refrigerator (I used tri-color pasta)
-3 chicken breasts, diced & marinated (in your choice of marinade)

-1 green bell pepper
-1 cucumber
-1 package cherry tomatos
-1/2 cup chopped up skim mozzarella cheese

-McCormicks’ Salad Supreme seasoning

-Your choice of Italian salad dressing

1. Cook chicken on the stove over medium- high heat. When it is done cooking, put in refrigerator to cool.

2. Chop up all vegetables  into bite size pieces.

2. Add veggies, mozzarella cheese, & chilled chicken to pasta.

3. Toss with seasoning & dressing. (these are both up to your own taste- however much you think is best)
4. Mix it all up & ENJOY!!

dinner is served!

I love this because you can make this the night before- & then you don’t even have to worry about cooking dinner the next night 🙂

Personally, I made the pasta last night & then prepped everything else this evening when we got home from the gym. EASSSYYYY PEASSSYYYY!

Thanks for all of your comments on the last post- about Crohn’s disease. I find it really cool that most of you have heard of the disease. Most people I mention it to have never heard of it.

Anyways, I’m off- watching the Lost Footage of the Housewives of NY. OH- DID YOU KNOW that there is going to be a Housewives of DC starting in August????

 Goodness…something else I will be addicted to 😀

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  1. I am very much like Craig then when it comes to routines. My M-F is exactly the same, no variations! Weekends, I get sassy and do crazy things like add different things to my oatmeal 😉 Awesome workout!

  2. ahh the lost footage…why is real housewives such an addicting show!!

    yes my bf has some ‘traditions’ and just when I think he is going to do his usual routine, he does something different and yes I am always thrown off haha! he loves pancakes, so sometimes on thew eekends, I will say that im going to make him ‘cakes, then he looks at my and says he wants oatmeal?!?! i think my breakfasts are rubbing off on him 🙂

    that workout looks leg intense!!!

  3. Wow intense workout! Way to go!

  4. The corn are pretty much all that’s left of my Vitatops. I think I’m going to crumble mine over chili. I am a RHW freak..sad thing to admit. I can’t wait for DC.

  5. That pasta looks so good. I find that most vitas are a lot blander than I expect. They definitely could use more flavor.

  6. my boyfriend thinks oatmeal “is just oatmeal.” he didn’t know we can dress it up to make it taste like dessert!

  7. Love corn vitatops…seriously the best ones they make!!

  8. i have some veggie pasta spirals in the cupboard that i need to use up!! mmm im so going to be making a mean dinner dish liek this!! YUM ❤

  9. Omg I am beyond lamely excited forreal housewives of DC!!

    My bf and I always just do our own thing in the morning. I have been making overnight oats lately but he thinks they look gross so he usually make some kind of breakfast taco. But we always have coffee together!

  10. yeah, I didn’t like the corn Vitatop that much, too. Actually I thought it was the best of the bunch, because I didn’t like any of them much. It lacked the corn flavor, and was a bit too sweet. More like a vanilla muffin top!


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