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Skippin’ Friday Night

HAPPY Saturday 😀

Sorry about the lack of post last night..it was NOT a good night at all. (more on that in a minute)

Breakfast yesterday was something NEW!!! I used Brittany’s recipe for a breakfast cookie. SO GOOD! These will definitely be a regular in my list of breakfasts.

breakfast cookie- made w/ 1/3 cup old fashioned oats, 3/4 banana, 2 tsp. Peanut butter, 2 tbsp. almond butter & lots of cinnamon

w/ my coffee 🙂

Now- I have a question for you- is the breakfast cookie supposed to get hard overnight? Or still be mushy, more like overnight oats? Mine was definitely mushy- like eating oats..instead of more hard/ formed like a cookie.

For lunch- I had the usual, except I forgot my baggie of cereal 😦 So no crunch in it for me…bummer. I always love a little crunch in my yogurt messes.

Blueberry greek yogurt, blueberries & watermelon

For my afternoon snack I had a Sweet Wheat Alternative Bagel…no need for another picture of that- you’re probably sick of it 😉

For my workout I did a pure cardio day- first off the 3-2-1 treadmill interval run:
Warm up – 2 minutes @ 3.7

Minute   Speed 

0-1          6.5 

1-2          6.5 

2-3          6.5 

3-4         6.5 

4-5         7.0 

5-6        7.0 

6-7        8.0 

7-8        6.5 

8-9        6.5 

9-10      6.5 

10-11    7.1 

11-12    7.1 

12-13    8.1 

13-14    6.5 

14-15    6.5 

15-16    6.5 

16-17    7.2 

17-18    7.2 

18-19    8.2 

19-20    6.5 

20-21    6.5 

21-22    6.5 

22-23    7.3 

23-24    7.3 

24-25    8.3 

25-26    6.5 

26-27    6.5 

27-28    6.5 

28-29    7.4 

29-30    7.4 

30-31    8.4 
Cool down for 2 minutes @ 3.7

Then I did 5 minutes on the ArcTrainer.

Total Time: 41:25, Max HR: 181, Avg HR: 149, Calories burned: 310

Now I learned something interesting about my Garmin foot pod today. I was talking to Jess about it as well-& I would love your thoughts as well. Ok, so I noticed that when I wear my foot pod my Garmin calculates the calories burned DIFFERENT than if I JUST wear my heart rate monitor strap. You see I did an experiment yesterday- when I JUST wear my HR monitor, I burned just around 290 calories during that run, BUT when I wore my foot pod + HR monitor previously on this exact same run it said I bured 401 calories. Now that’s quite a difference in my opinion. I know it is WAY more accurate to go by just the HR monitor..which is what I will continue to do – unless I go for a run outside (since I like to know the milage). I just thought that was weird.- with the HR monitor is takes me about 1.5 miles to burn 100 calories (which seems RIGHT) & with the foot pod on it’s only .87 or. 91 EVERY TIME. (I should of known by that, that the foot pod calorie amount was off)
If you have a Garmin, have you noticed the same thing?

Now, I don’t really have much for my dinner…well, because I didn’t eat dinner. Craig & I got into kind of a big fight last night & I was not in the mood to eat. I get like that when I’m upset- the LAST thing I feel like doing is eating. I was just really upset. We are TOTALLY GREAT now :D- we worked everything out last night – but it was not a good night.

Although once we worked everything out, he asked me to PLEASE eat something…so I ate 2 pieces of toast (how exciting, eh?!)

This morning I did enjoy a nice breakfast though- 2 egg whites with spianch, mushrooms, & tomatos- on the side a Bagel Thin with sugar free strawberry jelly.

After breakfast I had to run some errands- including going to the grocery store. When I left the store, I happened to drive RIGHT by Old Navy & I saw that the WHOLE store was 30% OFF!!!! So of course I HAD to stop. But I did remind myself that I was ONLY allowed to buy stuff for work- which I accomplished (got some pants,a few different tops & some dresses) but I also got 2 new running tanks & a pair of shorts..but I really did need them 🙂 If you have an Old Navy near you..you should check it out. I saved over $50!!

Now I’m off to continue watching the World Cup- GO USA! 😀

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  1. I am trying to avoid Old Navy – I don’t really NEED anything LOL. I’ve heard that there is a difference between the Garmin and a HR monitor. You might just google it.

  2. I noticed the entire website was 30% off too!

  3. YAY, you had the cookie!!! So glad you liked it! Good job on those intervals. The only way I can make myself do anything interval like is by going to ride and having someone tell me to SPEED UP haha Hope you’re having a lovely day Miss!

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