Running on PURE Caffeine!

Hope you all enjoyed the article about the clothes that guys just aren’t diggin’ 🙂 I thought it was pretty funny…& I happened to agree with most of them.

Anyways- I’m gonna fly thru this part- since it’s not very exciting & you can probably predict what I’m gonna say- as for eats:
Breakfast: None other than…

breakfast cookie to go- perfect for the office 😉

breakfast cookie + iced coffee

The stuff on top is peanut butter drizzled over it- I put it on top instead of mixing it in- kind of mixing it up…I try 🙂


oh yes, the usual- blueberry greek yogurt, strawberries & blueberries & some Kashi go lean

mix 'er up & you get the infamous yogurt mess.

Afternoon snack- a Banana Nut VitaTop + a bit of PB2.

As you know from my last post- I was a tired pup this morning. Well, I went from this:

To this:

All because of this:

OH BOY!! I was HIGH from caffeine I was like going a MILLION miles a minute. Seriously. I swear Starbucks puts crack in their coffee!!

When I got home from work a grabbed a handful of mixed nuts (to hold my belly over until dinner) & then got down to CLEANING- for 3 hours!!! The house is pretty spotless now…& I’m sitting here blogging while I wait for our guests- MIKE & STEPH!!!

Can you tell I’m excited?!?!? I’m STOKED!!! 😀 They are supposed to arrive around 10:30pm, but it looks like they might get in a bit earlier- I hope so! I feel bad because I’m going to say hi & then I’m off to bed- gotta get up early & hit the gym.

Anyways- On to the GOOD part of the eats- since we are having company, I figured I would make a treat! Now I KNOW for a fact that Steph LOVES bacon…so actually gave it up for Lent this year – she likes it that much. And I know for a fact that ALL 3 of the (Mike, Steph & Craig) like peanut butter…..soooo…of course I went to my go-to girl for recipes- Jessica! Peanut Butter Bacon Blondies it was!

Peanut Butter Bacon Blondies

blondies from Simply Recipes

1 cup of butter, melted 

2 cups of  brown sugar

2 eggs

2 teaspoons of vanilla

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon of baking soda 

Pinch of salt 

2 cups of all-purpose flour

6 sliced of bacon, fried and crumbled

Preheat oven to 350.

In a large bowl, whisk together sugar and melted butter until smooth. Add in eggs and vanilla.

Combine dry ingredients together, and whisk into the batter. Fold in bacon.

Spread evenly in an 9 x 13 pan. Bake for 30-35 minutes, or until done.

Peanut Butter Frosting

1 stick butter, softened

3/4 cup creamy peanut butter

2-3 cups powdered sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla 

2-3 tablespoons milk

6 slices bacon, fried and crumbled

Cream butter and peanut butter. Add sugar gradually. Add vanilla. Add milk 1 tablespoon at a time until desired consistency is reached. More liquid may be needed depending on how thick or creamy you want the frosting.

I thought I would show you something funny- look @ the comparison of our kitchen wall to the peanut butter frosting.

almost the same...huh?

Our kitchen color is called Apple Spice Cake- but I always thought it looked like the color of peanut butter..probably why I liked it so much when we were picking out colors 😀

Frost blondies, then top with crumbled bacon.

frosted & ready to eat

up close & a bit personal 🙂

Now, I don’t eat bacon- since it’s pig…and pigs are my favorite animal….that’s why I don’t eat pork. BUTTTT I will DEFINITELY let you know what they think of them- I have NO doubt that they will LOVE them!!

Now for my dinner tonight- it was courtesy of Miss Katie! A protein pizza– carb free-
made with 4 egg whites, 4 slices turkey, some spinach, salsa (which was WAY too salty- blah), and some parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

egg whites into the oven...


& ready to eat!

I love the idea of putting the egg into the broiler instead of cooking them on the stove- kind of made them a bit different consistency..which was SO good!!

Well that’s been my night so far- I’m probably going to go & double check everything before they get here..since I’m still on over drive from the coffee– haha! 😀

Have a good night & see ya in the mornin’

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  1. Have a good night girl! Can you believe I’ve never had blondies???

  2. I love the idea of peanut butter frosted brownies, but I’ll skip the bacon!

  3. I agree. Eggs are completely different out of the oven. It so much easier too. Have fun with your house guests!

  4. The clothing article was great, pretty funny!
    Hope you have fun with your guests!

  5. Laura

     /  July 1, 2010

    Why didn’t you just NOT put bacon on a little bit of it so you could have some?! Peanut butter blondies sound yummy 🙂

    Your diet seems very low calorie/restrictive… don’t you get super hungry? I would die if I ate 4 egg whites and some turkey for dinner lol.

    I hear ya on the coffee.. I am having one of those days. Might need a second cup (though I already had a large americano!!)

    • Well it’s because you have to mix bacon into the batter as well- not just the frosting 🙂
      No I wasn’t super hungry- I actually felt really good. It was super filling & delicious!!
      mmmm I love americanos- soooo good 😀

      • Laura

         /  July 2, 2010

        oh ya well in that case I’d have skipped them too! I love bacon, just not in my dessert!

  6. HAHAHA the pictures of those dogs had me cracking up! Too funny! 🙂
    P.S. – Your lunches always make me smile – I don’t care if they’re repetitive. I feel the love. 🙂

  7. I love blondies…much better than brownies! YUM!

  8. awww YAY SO GLAD YOU LOVED IT!! yumm! your creation looks good! AND THOSE BLONDIES- omgsh! AMAZING!


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