Running Outside

Happy TUESDAY! Not Monday- WOOHOO!! 😀

Hope you got to enjoy the past couple of days off. I had a great time with family & friends. (as I’m sure you can tell 😉 ) I was telling Craig (& I think everyone would agree) that we should have 4 day weeks EVERY week..or at least every other. I know a lot of companies do that- where they only have to work one full week every other week- they switch between 4 & 5 day weeks. I LOVE that idea…& wish my company would catch on to that- 😀 I can always hope…right?!

This morning I slept in a bit, only because I planned on just doing a run @ my house- no gym this morning. So that means no driving….which means more sleep!! Sounds good in my book. I think I will do this every Tuesday morning- just kind of make it a routine to run outside…just to switch things up a bit.

I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to run, or which path I would take, so I just started running & just kind of went along with it.

I did 4.54 miles around my house along with some random other exercises.
Splits: 8:46, 8:12, 8:29 (<–& that one was with a big hill- HARD to find in FL!! 🙂 ), 8:32, & 4:32 for the 1/2 mile. Average pace: 8:24.

Total time: 38:34

I could of gone a lot longer, but I knew I was planning a gym date for later this afternoon. So, I didn’t want t over do it.

I also did 30 walking lunges (each leg), 2 sets of 10 (each leg) of fire hydrants with a kick out, 2 sets of 10 (each leg) regular fire hydrants, & 1- (each leg) 10 sec. hold of a leg kick out.

Total calories burned from both running + extra stuff: about 450- 500- you know how I told you about when you use the  Garmin foot pod & the calorie counting thing- it’s never I normally just do my runs with my heart rate monitor (if I’m on the treadmill) but today I wanted to know the distance..since I was outside.

Question for ya: If you run outside, how do you stay safe? I mean, do you carry anything with you? (pepper spray, your cell phone, etc) I would LOVE to run with a dog…but you all know that story.

Here’s an article I found about running safely & here are the top 10 things to bring with you while running outside:
1. Carry ID
2. Dress Appropriately (dress correctly for the HOT HOT FL heat)
3. Intelligent Hydration (especially important on long runs)
4. STAY Focused (don’t get too caught up in your I-pod- not just because you’re running in traffic, but ALSO because you could miss a pot hole, or stick on the ground, etc.)
5. Face Traffic
6. Run a Loop (that way you’re not too far from case something arises)
7. Don’t Mess with Mother nature. (Don’t run in lightening..I’ve seen it before…)
8. Avoid the dark
9. Breathe easy (lots of pollution out there)
10. Carry a Cell Phone

Do you follow any of these tips? Which ones do you think you should follow?

My dad ALWAYS told me to run against traffic, so I have always done that. I just feel SO much safer. I find it kind of hard to carry a cell phone with me, only because I get so sweaty. As for carrying ID- I don’t do that, but I have thought about getting one of those bracelets that has my name on it, blood info, & any other relevant information in case of an accident.

Any tips would be great 😀

I’ll be back on here later with all my eats!

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  1. I think you should def get a bracelet!

    oh and I may be mistaken–but this weekend was the first time we’ve seen pics of craig, no?! he’s a cutie!

  2. Definitely run toward traffic! And get a road ID. Sounds morbid, but you never know. My company does the 4-days and then 5-days thing. It’s great, but working 9 hour days is definitely a killer. It does seem worth it in the end though!

  3. Jackie

     /  July 6, 2010

    Glad to hear you had a great weekend! I fell down the stairs today and broke my foot!


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