Addicted to Red Bull?


Now I know you guys might be totally bummed, but I forgot my camera today. HAHA- just kidding. I know most of you probably do NOT come here to see my foods, well, maybe except for dinner- since I am so predictable for breakfast & lunch. 😀

I’ll start out with my workout this morning. It was pure LEG love! It was my leg/ glute workout. I just added a few things.

Exercise Reps Weight
Bulgarian Split Squats 3 sets of 12 35lb barbell
Good Mornings 3 sets of 12 35lb barbell
Plie Squats 3 sets of 12 25lb. Weight
Calf Raises- on the machine 3 sets of 12 45lb. Weight
Deadlifts 3 sets of 12 35lb. barbell
Side Lunges 3 sets of 12 (Each) 10lb. Each
Leg Press 3 sets of 12 25lb. Each side
Leg Extensions 3 sets of 12 60lb.
Leg Curls 3 sets of 12 50lb.
Calf Raises 3 sets of 12 10lb. Each
Zercher Squats 3 sets of 12 35lb. Barbell
Hanging Abs 3 sets of 12 body weight
Side to Side Obliques Exercises 3 sets of 12 (each) 20lb. Each
V-ups 3 sets of 10 body weight
V- crunches 3 sets of 10 body weight
Hands on Knees crunches 3 sets of 10 body weight
Oblique Twists with Med. Ball 3 sets of 10 10lb. Ball
Weighted Crunch on Ball 3 sets of 10 25lb. plate
Punch & Crunch exercises 3 sets of 10 5lb. Each hand
Bicycle Crunches 25 each side body weight
Squats with Ball (on back) 3 sets of 12 25lb. Plate

I couldn’t figure out how to add these to my chart, so I just put them here instead-
ADDED: (which I did at the beginning)
Front Squat Push Press                   3 sets of 12                  35lb. barbell
Walking Lunges                                  3 sets of 12 (each)    10lb. each hand

For breakfast I had the exact same thing as yesterday & the same thing as yesterday for lunch too, but no more watermelon 😦 I was out.

I thought of a really good topic (@ least I think 🙂 ) to discuss. It came about because a girl at worked asked me if I wanted anything because she was going down to the cafeteria in the building – she said she is SO tired & needed a Red bull to wake her up. I said no thanks, but I totally understood how she felt. And then about 30minutes later she was off to get another one. Poor thing is DEAD tired.
But it got me thinking to my old habit of SF Red Bull. I know that this girl knows what I’m talking about 🙂  I mean, by no means did I have one everyday or anything like that, but it’s not like I avoided them if they were offered. And my drink of choice when I used to go downtown every weekend was a SF Red Bull + Vodka.

Well after looking up “What’s Red Bull Made Out Of” I found this information on Fit Sugar:

Here’s a little info from Wired on the key energy producing ingredients of Red Bull.

Taurine was originally isolated from bull bile in 1827 (hence the name of the drink), but fortunately it is now made synthetically. Taurine’s actual effects are wide-ranging – it is an inhibitory neurotransmitter (in some cases acting as a mild sedative), an age-defying antioxidant, and has the potential to steady irregular heartbeats.

Glucuronolactone hardly anyone has looked into exactly what this stuff does, and most research on this ingredient was performed 50 years ago – seems a little dated, don’t ya think? Rumor has it that this ingredient fights fatigue and increases well-being – but this could be the “bull” that give the drink its name.

Caffeine does increase concentration and reaction speed, as well as improve emotional state and boost metabolism. One can contains 80 mg of caffeine that is more than three times the caffeine that’s in the same amount of Coke.

Niacin aka vitamin B-3, increases so-called good cholesterol (HDL) by preventing the formation of triglycerides, making it a terrific cholesterol drug. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough niacin in a can of Red Bull to have this benefit. And it’s not even pure enough to give you the mild head rush dubbed the “niacin flush.”

Essentially, Red Bull is basically sugar water mixed with caffeine.

Crazy right?! I mean I knew they were bad, but it’s just full of chemicals. (I’m sure you already knew that 🙂 ) Healthy alternative: Tea. I’m trying to get into drinking tea, I haven’t succeeded so far..but I will try. *new goal!

Here’s a GREAT, inspiring article about LIVING the Dream- literally.

7 “bad” foods that are secretly good for you & I have to say, I eat/ drink all of them 😀

Anyways, I’m off to go finish up some work & then Craig & I are having Date Night! YAY! First, we are off to the mall to get him some clothes for our trips coming up & then we are planning to go & grab some dinner. I’m HOPING he’s gonna go home first, before the mall so he can grab my camera!! (I’m closer to the mall than the house is, so we are just going to meet there instead of me driving back just to turn around & go back the same way I just left)

Oh, and I’m still on the hunt for a new SUV, so I think we are going to go & look at some on Saturday! WOOP WOOP! *my fingers are crossed that I find what I’m lookin’ for 🙂

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  1. Woohoo on the legs. I’m already trying to psych myself up for leg day on Sunday 😉 Have a great evening girl!

  2. Oh gosh, girl….I HATE Red Bull. I think it’s the worst tasting thing on earth and now that I see what’s in it, that’s even worse!! I hope you enjoy your date night! Oh, and, I obviously eat all of those foods too!! I haven’t had grape juice in AGES, but it’s my favorite juice!

  3. YAY for Date Night!!
    I’ve actually always despised the taste of Red Bull – blech! I tried it many times but just could not get past the taste.

  4. Oh do I ever know about red bull addition…at my worst I was drinking two a day (1 big, 1 small) and you know what? Looking back they really didn’t even help me feel energized. Gross.
    Tea is great and there are so many different kinds to choose from! But it’s a not a redbull………. 😉 (my inner addict might never die)
    Yay for car shopping!!! Have fun!!!

  5. Melissa Wen

     /  July 16, 2010

    most of my friends in college are obsessed with energy drinks, mainly ones like monster or rockstar. i’m with you on the tea though 🙂 i could never drink an energy drink like red bull alone, but for some reason rb vodka tastes great!

  6. dmcgirl37

     /  July 17, 2010

    I havent had redbull since highschool. Im not a fan of that much sugar and caffine. My boyfriend drinks them every once and a while and then complains about feeling sick..hah

    Dana xo

  7. I use to have that all the time….worked myself up to two.

  8. I hope you had a nice date night!!

    And I never liked Red Bull drinks, but I know I had to break my diet soda habit. I’m so upset that I’m drinking soda again right now. The carbonation helps my stomach though while pregnant.

  9. Interesting facts about Red Bull. I realllly don’t like that stuff, I can’t even stand the smell! I think tea or something more natural to wake you up sounds like a better alternative.

  10. Rebecca

     /  January 21, 2011

    My name is Rebecca and I’m a casting producer for the TLC show “Freaky Eaters.” We’re currently looking for ENERGY DRINK ADDICTS for Season 2 of the show.

    For more info or to nominate someone, please send an email to with your name, age, number, and brief description of your daily consumption of energy drinks/caffeine.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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