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Good Afternoon, Friends!!

We’re off to a great Tuesday so far, seems to be flying by, which is A-ok by me 🙂

This morning I hit the gym with a GOAL in mind- it was ALL about my biceps & triceps today. I was reading my latest issue of Oxygen magazine & got some new ideas for exercises for these muscles. I had already intended to do bi’s & tri’s today, but I changed a few things when I read the article about arm exercises. Here’s what I did:

Exercise Reps Weight
Narrow Grip Cable Curl 3 sets of 12 40lb.
V-bar cable curl 3 sets of 12 40lb.
Bench Dips 3 sets of 12 body weight
French Press 3 sets of 12 20lb. Barbell
Preacher Bench Barbell Curl 3 sets of 12 20lb. Barbell
21s 3 sets 20lb. Barbell
Skull Crushers w/ barbell behind head 3 sets of 12 20lb. Barbell
V-bar Pulldown 3 sets of 12 40lb. 
Wide Grip Cable Curl 3 sets of 12 30lb.
Rope Cable Curl 3 sets of 12 40lb. 
Tricep extensions  3 sets of 12 25lb. DB
Tricep Kickbacks 3 sets of 12 7.5lb. DBs
Preacher Bench Single Arm DB Curl 3 sets of 12 (Each) 12.5lb, 10lb
Rope Cable Curl with Twist 3 sets of 12 40lb. 
Bench Dips 3 sets of 12 body weight
Rope Pushdown 3 sets of 12 40lb. 

After this I did some ab exercises & ended with a butt exercise:

Exercise  Reps Weight
Weighted Toe Crunch 3 sets of 15 10lb. Weight
Obliques Row 3 sets of 15 10lb. Weight
Scissor Kicks 3 sets of 20 body weight
Bicycle Crunches 3 sets of 15 (each) body weight
Punch & Crunches 3 sets of 10 5lb. DB each
Fire Hydrants 3 sets of 10 (each) body weight

Total time: 53 minutes, total cals: (approx.) 300

These new exercises (the ones with the wide grip & narrow grip) were hard, in a good way. They were challenging, but I could feel & see my muscles working, which I love 😀

You know what? I was getting ready for work the other day & Craig walked in my bathroom (YES we have SEPARATE bathrooms- it’s a must for me) & I had my arms up fixing my hair & he was like “whoaaaa look at those muscles!!” I was SOOOOO happy to hear that!! He said he could really see the definition. SCORE! Guess these arm exercises are really working 😉 I have noticed myself, but I didn’t know if other people could tell..and apparently they can. I’m by NO means trying to get big, bulky arms, just toned arms, like my girl, Kelly Ripa…

nice & toned

OR my other (girl crush):

I definitely know it’s attainable..and I’m well on my way…which is super exciting for me 😀 The other cool thing is that I REALLY enjoy working my arms. I love seeing the muscles working (yes, I look @ myself in the mirror when I do exercises to make sure I’m doing things right..but I don’t sit there & stare- haha)

Do you look in the mirror when you work out?
What your favorite arm exercise?
Do you enjoy doing arm workouts?
Who is your arm ‘role model’? (if you have one)

Didn’t know we were playing 20 questions today, did ya?! 😉

Now on to some other interesting stuff I found online while surfin’ the net.

Don’t know if the outfit you are wearing looks ok & you wish you had a second opinion- GO HERE: TRY IT ON
You can actually take a picture of yourself in the outfit, then upload it to the site & get INSTANT opinions from people. And you don’t have to show your face, if you don’t want to. So cool, right?

Need a laugh, read this: 10 Ways Alcohol Impairs Your Dating Judgment.

Has anyone else seen the commercials for the new McDonald’s Smoothies made with ‘real fruit?’ I was like, wow, that’s a pretty good idea..I mean, for McDonald’s & I thought maybe I should try if I forgot my lunch or something..or for a quick ‘grab’ when traveling. Well, today I found this article: More calories than a cheeseburger?
The SMALL strawberry banana smoothie has 210 calories- the same as a small french fry or medium coke. The large has 330 calories, MORE than a cheeseburger. It wasn’t really these numbers that surprised me, it was the fact that MORE than 70 grams of sugar in the large one.  I mean, it’s now shocking to read that a smoothie (not homemade) has this much sugar, it’s actually pretty typical. But, the article was just pointing out that just because it’s a ‘smoothie’ doesn’t make it ‘healthy.’

Another good one: Bad Diet Advice From the Movies

And this one is for Ab Enthusiasts- like myself. I’ll definitely be using these moves, & probably tonight 😀 Tone Your Abs Without Crunches.

Well, I’m off to get some more work done- I’ll be back with my eats & afternoon workout later 😀

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  1. Love Kelly Ripa, she does have great arms!!!

    I saw the McDonald’s smoothie commercial and thought hmmmm maybe I’ll try one, and then thought nah I’ll just stick to making them at home because I had this sinking feeling it would have added something…sure enough it does! Good find! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great workout. I am going to bookmark this because it looks like weights are going to b my friend for the next few months….le sigh. Thanks for your sweet words on my blog this morning too…that meant alot to me!!

  3. Nicely done! I love working biceps. I HATE preacher curls though. 😉

  4. I’m not a fan of Kelly Ripa’s look–too skinny to me but you can definitely tell she works hard for that physique and that I love! and i love jillians shoulders!

  5. oh heck ya, i love working out arms for the same reason. i get more motivated when i can SEE the muscles 🙂

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