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  • August 2010
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Diet Changes

hi πŸ™‚ Hope this Tuesday is treating you well. I’m soooo ready to go home today. I don’t know why, but I’m just ready! Only 3 more hours left of work. Not too bad – I can totally make it πŸ˜‰

This morning I started off with my FAVORITE biceps/ triceps workout. Can I tell you how much I missed weight training??!!? Seriously, it felt like a part of me was missing. It felt SOOOOO good to head to the gym this morning- I didn’t mind getting up at my usual 5am to hit the gym- I was like a bright eyed, bushy tailed bunny when I walked in πŸ˜€

Like I said, my workout was for bi’s & tri’s- it was the same as this workout, just a bit different on the weights. Holy moly, my arms were a burnin’ after this one..but in a GREAT way! LOVE it. Oh how I looooooove weight training!!

After weights, I did some ab work- including stability ball passes (3 x 12), v- ups holding stability ball (3 x 12) & crunches on the ball (3 x 12)

Then, of course, finished up with some sprint intervals:

Minutes Speed
0-1:00 6.5
1:00-1:30 9
1:30-2:30 6.5
2:30-3:00 9
3:00-4:00 6.5
4:00-4:30 9
4:30-5:30 6.5
5:30-6:00 9
6:00-7:00 6.5
7:00-7:30 9
7:30-8:30 6.5
8:30-9:00 9
9:00-10:00 6.5
10:00-12:00 6
12:00-13:00 3.7

it was about 1.5 miles total- not much, but since I did so much running last week, I figured I would stick to the sprints πŸ™‚

Total time: 1 hour, Calories burned (approx): 350, Max HR:Β Β  Avg HR:
I’ll get that information later, have to download it from my Garmin when I get home.

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about nutrition, calories consumed, etc. I was scared to change anything on my diet before heading up to Wildwood, since I knew we would be on the beach (in a bikini) all week- I just stuck to the same thing. But the more I have been reading, the more I have been wanting to change what I eat/ how much I eat.

ALERT THE PRESS: I’m going to try adding more calories to my diet, & keep my snacks up. Like I said before, I have been kind of slacking on eating snacks lately & I really need to force myself to eat something every 2-3 hours.

Also, the more research that I have done, the harder it is to determine what the proper “right amount of calories” is good for you. Honestly, it is DIFFERENT for everyone. As many sites that I have gone to about this topic, they are all pretty different. I mean, it also says to multiply 10 times your body weight as a good guideline, but I honestly don’t think this would be enough calories.

There are so many different formulas to help a person calculate their calories, so I figure I will just go by what I have always seen on many blogs- which is eating every few hours AND not being SO focused on the # of calories, but rather that they are good, healthy calories. I really need to get that metabolism BURNING 24/7 πŸ˜€

I feel like I eat pretty good, & I do eat a lot of healthy foods. Of course I do slurge on frozen yogurt…but, seriously, is it that bad?!?

Another thing I have really noticed & read a LOT is HOW IMPORTANT it is to get protein in your body after working out. Usually I wait about 2 hours before eating breakfast after I workout. I really think that is too late & my poor metabolism is probably like what the heck?!?! So I have decided on days that I do weight training, I will have a protein shake (almond milk, scoop of whey protein & maybe a 1/2 of a banana- if I want) right when I get home..or rather right when I get outta the shower..since I’m usually a sweaty mess πŸ™‚ And, if I just do cardio, then I’ll grab a piece of toast or a hard boiled egg…..SOMETHING.

That’s my new month of August goal. We’ll see how it goes. I started this morning, and I seriously think it’s already kicking up my metabolism- of course it could of been my workout too πŸ™‚

Anyways, on to some interesting stuff I found today.

I found an article on Dangerous Supplements.
The “dirty dozen” included:
-bitter orange,
-colloidal silver,
-coltsfoot, comfrey,
-country mallow,
-greater celandine,

Why should you avoid these?
We have identified a dozen supplement ingredients that we think consumers should avoid because of health risks, including cardiovascular, liver, and kidney problems. We found products with those ingredients readily available in stores and online.

Because of inadequate quality control and inspection, supplements contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or prescription drugs have been sold to unsuspecting consumers. And FDA rules covering manufacturing quality don’t apply to the companies that supply herbs, vitamins, and other raw ingredients.

Thankfully I do not take any of these supplements, I just take a daily vitamin. Do you take any of these? Some of them I have not even heard of actually.

I also found an article on “Ten Cheap Foods That Are Good For You” – YAY! for cheap, healthy foods πŸ˜€
1. Lentil Soup- $2.29/ can

It contains lycopene, which protects against certain types of cancers. But be sure to choose a low-sodium version, as the regular types contain a LOT of salt.

2. Broccoli- $1.56/ lb.

Contains vitamin C & folate.

3. Carrots- $.89/ lb.

Contains Vitamin A- great for your vision & beta carotene.

4. Oranges- $.89/ lb.

you know this one- VITAMIN C! πŸ˜€

5. Bananas- $.59/ lb.

Contains the metabolsim regulating mineral, potassium

6. White Potatos- $.56/ lb

Even though they have gotten a bad rap lately, white potatos actually contain about 1/4 of your daily serving of niacin & a B vitamin that converts food to energy. Just make sure you don’t load them up with butter, sour cream & bacon.

7. Milk- $3.24/ gallon

4oz = 4 grams of protein!! Also contains lots of calcium.
Switch from whole milk to 1% or skim in order to avoid extra calories & fat.

8. Beans- $1.36/ lb

For an energy dense meal, choose beans!! Full of protein & fiber. Keep you fuller, longer πŸ™‚

9.Β Tomato JuiceΒ -$4.09 for 46oz.

Be sure to choose a LOW salt tomato juice! It is full of Vitamin A, C, potassium, & lycopene.

10. Yogurt- $3.19/ 32oz.

Full of calcium & protein. But try to stick to a plain variety, since the flavored yogurts are full of added sugar. To sweeten up the plain flavor, add some yogurt or honey to it.

Do you eat these foods? I’m sure most of us already do. The only one I’m NOT big on is tomato juice- I just never really liked it.

Do you have any other CHEAP healthy food suggestions?

I’ll be back later πŸ™‚ Pretty sure I’ll be heading to the gym for workout #2 this afternoon..and then back with a NEW recipe!

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  1. I used to worry about when I ate, how long after a workout,but I dont anymore.

    I usually eat within an hour of working out just bc I’m so hungry haha!

  2. Yay for wanting to add more calories. I think too many women underestimate what their bodies can handle. I think getting in something extra post workout is a good idea. I don’t necessarily think it makes a huge change in workout progress, but after a workout is a good time to eat extra anyways because your energy stores are down.

  3. blah i HATE tomato juice. i feel like only men like it? haha. I eat about 30 min a workout. my tummy starts wanting breakfast asap πŸ™‚

  4. WOW !! 2 hours?!?! im so glad you arent doing that anymore! that almost completely cancels ur workout!!

    Girl when i increased my cals- i started getting MUCH more toned and looked SO MUCH better.. my metabolism roared up like a beast. i know everybody is different but i eat OVER 2000 cals per day just to maintain, bc my metab has gotten so fast! you GOT to fuel yourself, or else your workouts will mean NOTHING!! Make sure you are getting ENOUGH carbs post workout!! 1/2 naner doesnt do much! haha. seriously tho


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