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  • August 2010
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Dragon Breath x 2

Hey Friends πŸ˜€

Thank you so much for all of your comments on my last post about adding calories to my diet. You guys are the BEST. No, seriously, you are!! I couldn’t ask for a more supportive group of people. So, thank you..each & every one of you πŸ™‚

After my workout this morning, I headed home to shower & to grab a protein shake.

1 scoop whey powder, some strawberries, some blueberries, 1 cup almond milk & some ice

I really like the idea of adding these shakes..and honestly this might sound LAME but I think I already notice a difference. Would that be weird to say? I just feel stronger in general. It’s a good feeling πŸ™‚

When I got to work I really was not hungry for breakfast right away, since I drank my shake on the way to work,Β so around 9:30am/ 10am I grabbed a Flat Out, toasted it,Β & topped it with SF strawberry jelly.

bite missing..oops

For lunch I had my usual but LOOKY LOOKY @ what I found:

The pineapple cobani!

after the mix up

Here’s my opinion of this one: the first bite was REALLY good- I’m talking pineapple upside down cake good, but then when I tried another bite it just didn’t taste as good. Strange, huh? Kind of had like a cheesy- taste to it. I know, that’s weird to say, but I just couldn’t really get why I was tasting cheese. Hmmmm. I guess if you like cream cheese + pineapple then you’d LOVE this, but I actually HATE cream cheese- I always have. Just could never eat it.

So, I added the other stuff to it to make the usual yogurt mess. And this was REALLY good all mixed together.

I’ll buy it again to use for yogurt messes, or to bake with. But I have to buy them individually since I just get my 12 pack of Chobani from BJ’s.

Afternoon snack:

red delicious apple + 1 tbsp peanut butter

and an oatmeal/ raisin granola bar on my drive home.

tastes like an oatmeal raisin cookie!

I’ve been really disappointed in apples lately…I guess since they are not in season it’s to be expected. But this is really the first batch that I’ve picked up that have really been favorless. Yuck.

Afternoon workout:
Cardio..again πŸ™‚ Like the weight training in the morning then cardio at night.

On treadmill:
walk @ 3.7 for 2 minutes
jog/ light run @ 6.5 for 5 minutes

30 minutes rotating between 1 resistance & 5 resistance every minute. I also had it set on the highest ramp, so it would really work my calves.

Total time: 38:43, Calories burned: 291, Max HR: 198, Avg HR: 149

GUESS WHAT was waiting for me on my porch when I got home from work?!?!

a box full of MANNA BREAD!!! YES

The kind people at Manna Organics sent me a box full of their different breads to try!
In the box included:
-Banana Walnut Hemp
-Carrot Raisin
-Cinnamon Date
-Fig Fennel Flax
-Fruit & Nut
-Millet Rice
-Whole Rye
& 3 slices of their sour dough breads!!

all the flavors!

close up

close up shot #2

I’m SO excited to try these!! Probably most excited about the carrot raisin & the sour dough slices- since sour dough is my favorite πŸ˜‰ It will definitely be included in my meals tomorrow. So be on the look out for a review!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone at Manna Organics!!!

As for dinner I made individual pizzas for Craig & I. Well, really I just split pizza dough down the middle & made one half for me & one for Craig. Craig had a big day a work- a BIG, important meeting that he was kind of nervous about- so once it was over & he texted me & said it went really well & all of his work got approved, I instantely texted him back & said I’m making you a special dinner tonight πŸ˜€

One of his favorite things is artichoke hearts. I’m not a super big fan, I don’t mind them, but I don’t love them either. But, then I got to thinking & I know he LOVES pizza & artichoke hearts make great pizza toppings…so pizza it was!

this is mine- full of spinach, mushrooms, onions, artichoke hearts, garlic & oregano

Β I hate 3 pieces of mine & C ate all of his πŸ™‚ He said it was really good…

Craig's- pepperoni, onions, artichoke hearts, garlic & oregano

I accidently split a TON of dried minced garlic on Craig’s half. Oop-sies. I went to sprinkle some on and the WHOLE top came off & HALF of the bottle split out. YIKES!
At least we’ll both have dragon breath tonightΒ & it won’t look like this:

Well, anyways, we’re off to catch Big Brother. I think if I have to hear Rachel talk much longer I might shoot myself. Her voice is BEYOND annoying! grrrr!!

Hope you have a GREAT night πŸ˜€

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  1. Mmmm! This is putting me in the mood for some homemade pizza!! Delish!!

    Have a lovely evening, girl! πŸ™‚

  2. First of all.. I just read the last post and have some personal thoughts about the scale… right now, I am aware that I need to lose some weight. I’m not exactly sure how much though, because a few months ago I was having a “skinny” day, you know, where you just feel like you look amazing. I was enjoying the feeling of high self esteem and decided to weigh myself. The number was a lot higher than I expected, and it ruined the whole feeling. I realized after that, why do I need to know the number? I’m not extremely over or underweight to the point that I need to track it, and I was in a great mood about myself till I saw the number. If that’s what’s going to happen, well, I don’t need to know the number. It’s been much better.

    Second of all…. you are really, really making me want to include Apple Jacks into my yogurt. I think yours are Froot Loops, but I lovee Apple Jacks. I almost never have them though.

    Third… try a Pink Lady apple. They are my favorite apple ever and always taste really good to me.

    Sorry for the entire novel here πŸ™‚

  3. Katie

     /  August 4, 2010

    Yumm that pizza looks awesome!! I was craving a good hot pizza tonight but it didn’t happen. I wish I had what you had though!

  4. Hi Holly! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! πŸ™‚ I am currently LOVING TurboFire! If you like fun cardio (dance, plyometric) it’s def for you. Don’t worry about being uncoordinated (cause I totally am!). I also have p90x and really like that. They are just completely different. p90x is more structured with weights and a couple of cardio days whereas turbofire is much more fire with a couple of strength days. I posted clips of TurboFire here: http://www.biochemista.com/2010/07/im-beasttt.html

    You can watch some p90x clips on YouTube as well.

    Hope that helps!


  5. oh girl- just wait.. ur metab is going to be RAGING SOON! It is already getting fired up!! feeding those muscles more!!!! you will prob start getting hungrier and hungrier!

  6. Now that’s the kind of package I like to see on my door step. And it’s not weird to think that the protein is already helping. During the Road Trip, there were no vegetarian protein options and just in 2 days of not eating my normal protein amounts, I could tell a HUGE difference in my energy and my mood.

  7. Holy bread!!! That is awesome, I can’t wait to see the meals you make with it and how you like it.

    You can never have too much garlic, haha! As long as you both have garlic you’re good to go!

  8. Laura

     /  August 5, 2010

    but…. if you add a protien shake, then your breakfast is just a single low cal bread with sugar free jam… that isn’t really adding any calories!

    Just be aware of this sort of thing, make sure each meal is slightly larger etc. as if you add cals then compensate later by taking them away (or doing extra cardio) it’s not really making a change you know.

    Good luck with this! I know it can be scary at first. I remember I used to eat 1500 or so and feel like I was full all the time etc. and couldn’t imagine adding more! the madness,lol! Now I have absolutely no problem putting away far more than that. Seems the more I eat the hungrier I get sometimes,lol. (I have not ballooned up, I am thin)

    Also, I had to take the battery out of my scale as I would weigh myself then let it affect my day etc. It’s totally ridiculous! I haven’t weighed myself in months and it’s awesome! no more arbitrary numbers determining my mood.

  9. What a great package! That’s pretty rockin!!

    as far as apples go, I think Red Delicious are my LEAST favorite. I like honeycrispis (Which are out in the fall), pink ladies, and then fujis. Yum.

    I sort of agree with Laura—your food intake looked pretty much identical to other days–dont be afraid to eat! πŸ™‚

  10. Yum Yum! Two thumbs up for Manna Bread & homemade pizza!
    Favorite apples are definitely golden delicious. πŸ™‚

  11. Yay for homemade pizza. Is it weird that I prefer homemade now over a restaurant?

  12. Pizza looks wonderful!

  13. I love your yogurt mess! everything, sweet or savory seems to be a mess lately! I’m very happy your having a good attitude about the increased calories! I struggled with this most of my life and I think when I eat enough and work out correctly (not over doing cardio) i look my best.

  14. That pizza looks deeeeevine and I’m seriously interested in that manna bread. My sister doesn’t eat greek yogurt because she says it tastes cheesy. IDK, but it sucks bc pineapple sounds like such an awesome flavor!

  15. hahah dragon breath! i say that too. i looooove the pineapple chobani. i have one for lunch today!


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