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  • August 2010
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Back In Action

Hey hey!!

I’m back in action…@ least for now! Like I said, sorry for the bit of a blog hiatus, but life is a bit non-stop lately…but in a good way of course 😀 I’m so thankful for everything going on in my life right now.

I’ll tell ya what I have been eating this week, since it has been pretty routine.
Breakfast: First a protein shake (whey powder + almond milk) right after the gym. I seriously feel like this has helped me a LOT with my overall muscle development AND my metabolism has been OUTTA control lately. I am hungry ALL of the time and I RESPOND to my body. Like I said at first I was not sure how I would feel with adding the shake in to my normal breakfast, but it’s SO worth it.

Anyways, breakfast has been the protein shake after the gym, then egg whites or egg beaters & some form of carb- either oatmeal or toast.

egg beaters, looks appetizing, Huh?! 😉

oatmeal in a mug

Lunch has been the SAME thing everyday, YES, you guessed it- Greek yogurt messes. I feel as though you have all seen PLENTY of these, so no need to show ya another picture. It’s just Greek yogurt, some cereal for crunch & blueberries and strawberries all mixed up. On the side I had a piece of Joseph’s Lavash wrap bread with peanut butter.

Dinner has been kind of quick meals this week-
Monday: Salad with tortellini, artichoke hearts, a sprinkle of parmesan & sundried tomatos- delish! Idea from Liz @ Blog is the New Black. This was SO good! I had some Light Italian dressing with it.

sooo yummy!

I also made ‘mini pizzas’ out of Deli Flats– I just put some tomato sauce & a bit of mozzarella cheese – pepperoni for Craig- on one of these & popped them in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes- perfect! & it was just what we needed to go along with the meal 🙂

gone in about 6 bites 😉

Monday night dinner

Tuesday night’s dinner was not exciting- I just ate a salad – plain & boring, but delicious 🙂 Craig had a meeting all day out by Disney for work, and they also had dinner for them- so he ate there, and I’m not one to cook for myself, so a salad was an easy choice.

Wednesday night I made a pierogie casserole out of Mrs. T’s pierogies & I added tomato sauce & green beans to the mix. Sounds kind of odd, but it tasted good, and that’s what counts, right?! 😀 I forgot to take a picture, but here’s the kind we had:

Craig actually REALLY liked it, he said he could of eaten the whole casserole, but he wanted to save some for lunch the next day- lol!

Thursday night I had what I like to call a ‘Julie meal’ 🙂 I always see this on Julie’s blog, so I decided I should try it, especially since I stocked up on Carba Nada noodles when I was home in Jacksonville. I mixed roasted zuchinni, yellow, & onion with Carba Nada noodles & some tomato sauce for a pasta bowl.

and a sprinklin' of parmesan to top it off!

Now I see why Julie eats this so much- it’s SO YUMMY! Easy to make & it hits the spot.

Workouts this week:
Monday: 6 mile run
Tuesday: Full upper body workout + plyometrics
Wednesday: Crazy leg workout- lots of jumping & squats, etc.
Thursday: Biceps/ Triceps workout (my arm are STILL burning this morning)
Today: 10 minutes of sprints on treadmill, then chest/ back/ shoulder workout

All workouts have been about an hour long. I think I’ll stop writing in my calories & heart rate information. I mean, really, who wants to read that?! I’ll only put that up if it’s a new workout- just so you have some kind of idea on the intensity.

SOOOO on to the FUN stuff- WEDDING planning 😀

I definitely have the date: May 27th, 2011- Friday evening. I also have the venue- well, 90% sure. So it’s all coming together! Yay!!

I also have been looking @ bridesmaid’s dresses online- between a few- tell me what ya think:




I really like the first one the best, since it is my colors 😀 And I like the offset of the black/ purple. Obviously I have to see them all in person before making any final decisions, since I’m sure they look totally different. Probably going to do that NEXT weekend- not tomorrow, but the following.

And Cake Toppers: (still looking)  

So cute, right?! And of course they are Ravens 😉

For the Save the Dates, I think we are going to get them off of Walgreens online- since you can create your own postcards/ greeting cards & they have REALLY cute save the date layouts.

Still browsing invitations, but I have found a few that I really like. Thankfully I still have a while to decide on invitations.

For the wedding favors, I think I want to make them myself or get wine stoppers. Still debating it- was thinking of making the favors myself- like something football/ tailgate related….just to go along with everything else. Any ideas!?!? Give ’em to me…please 😀

Well, I’m off- going to catch up on some shows we missed.

Hope you all have a great night 😀 And thanks again for all of the Congrats- you all are the best 😀

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  1. Are you loving wordpress? I really liked it! So much easier to use and looks so much nicer.

    I think I really like the dress with the pockets. Very cute!

  2. Hey girl – isn’t it great what lifting does for the body?! I love the idea of wine stoppers. And I think I agree with Tina about the dress with pockets. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Oh you lucky girl with your fab metabolism! All the eats (and pierogies!) look delish!

    Postcards are a GREAT way to do save the dates. You should also check out online (just google ‘wedding postcards’) You can often get 200 postcards for $50 and design your layout and upload pics.

    Very cute dresses as well! If you have a Macy’s or Nordstrom’s, also check those out because the dresses (say Maggie of London) may be cheaper and all your bridesmaids can actually *try the dress on* instead of just ordering it.

  4. I do scrapbook! I”m still working on my wedding one a year later! 🙂 I just wish I weren’t so picky..bc it takes me forever to do a page! 🙂

    I love the looks of those lite cheddar puffs..although i might go overboard if i had those around 😉


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