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  • August 2010
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Celebration Continued..

Good Sunday Morning 😀

Sorry I didn’t do another post yesterday- I was bound & determined to finish the scrapbook I had started. Honestly I have NEVER done a scrapbook in a day- NEVER. But, I wanted to finish it so that Craig can bring it up to Baltimore next weekend. He’s going back up for his Grandad’s 90th!!!! birthday party! I was going to go, but the flights were so expensive. It’s really important for him to go, I’m going to be going dress shopping with my Mom!!!! WOOHOO! Cannot wait 🙂

Last night we continued our celebrating- this was our first weekend at our house in about a month! Every weekend prior we had been somewhere else- either in Wildwood, NJ, Baltimore or in Jacksonville. So I suggested we have a special dinner & open the bottle of Pinot Noir that Craig’s Dad MADE. His Dad is really into wine making- and he’s REALLY good at it. Each bottle that he has made that I’ve tried is SO good! He made one for summer that we all opened in Wildwood & it was a blueberry flavored wine- OH SO GOOD! I could of drank the whole bottle, NO joke. So that’s exactly what we did- I made a dinner of stuffed chicken breast with basil, ricotta, & provolone cheese.

Papanote wine cellars- that's the name of his company 🙂

I really wish we could get him to make a bottle of wine for each party of guests at our wedding- those would be the BEST favors EVER! But that would be sooooo much work…and I would never ask him to do that. But, wouldn’t that be a cool idea for a favor?

While we were at the gym yesterday I was trying to think of what I wanted to cook for dinner- and what would go well with red wine. So, I came up with these stuffed chicken breasts with basil, ricotta, & provolone. Then I dipped them in crushed tomato sauce & then dipped each side in panko bread crumbs.



little bit o' panko crumbs

top each with a little bit of the crushed tomato sauce

baked @ 350 degrees for about 40 minutes

Served along side: Carba Nada noodles!!

delicious dinner!

even more delicious wine 🙂 And, YES, those are Raven's wine glasses!

We had the intention of watching the Raven’s preseason game last night, but for some reason, we could not get the game. Normally we get all of the games- we have all of those special packages on DirectTV, so we usually get every channel on DirectTV, but for some reason they don’t have the preseason games on- except the ones on the local channels. So weird, huh?! They have all of the regular season games on, but not preseason. hmm. We couldn’t watch the Ravens last night, but we were able to catch it this morning on repeat on NFL network.

So we ended up watching the Giants/ Steelers game (HATE the Steelers, sorry Lexi). And then some of the Jag/ Miami game- poor Jags had a rain delay of 2 hours & then they lost 😦

It was a great celebration night- just the two of us spending time together, watching football, drinking wine…ahhhhh..doesn’t get much better 😀

This morning I woke up & could not figure out what I wanted to make Craig for his special Sunday breakfast. (I always make him something special on Sundays) I went to explore the fridge & I saw that we had some crescent rolls, so I figured I would make him an individual quiche type thing. I put the dough on the bottom, then topped it with eggs mixed with turkey sausage, some pepperoni, bell peppers & onions- seasoned with Old Bay. I baked it in a bowl at 400 for about 20 minutes.

Craig's breakfast

close up

Oh I added some taco style cheese in there too 😀 He ate each & every bite of it!

My breakfast was a bit more simplier- egg whites with fresh basil, and a Deli Flat with peanut butter & 1/2 a banana.

my breakfast, enjoyed with some coffee

Now with are both pretty stuffed- so we are going to wait a bit & let our food digest before heading to the gym. I think today will be a FULL cardio day- not quite sure what I’m going to do- but I’m sure it will be a mix of stuff 🙂

Hope you enjoy your Sunday- Funday!

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  1. Happy Sunday. How cool on that wine. Talk about special.

  2. Holly, we’re not friends anymore. Lol jk I really am not a huge Steelers fan. I never watch the games! Haha. I just love how Steelers are basically a religion around here. I think the team spirit is unmatched!

    And I can’t believe you are going dress shopping! So exciting!

  3. Liz @ Blog is the New Black

     /  August 22, 2010

    Your dinner looks yummy!

    And I used to be a scrapbook WHORE! My whole college career is documented! So fun!


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