Head to the Kitchen PRONTO!

Happy ONE more day until the weekend 😀 And a THREE day weekend at that! YESSSSS

This morning CRAIG 🙂 & I headed to the gym nice & early. I decided to do pure cardio this morning. I ran about 3.7 miles- alternating between a moderate speed to a fast speed for about 30 minutes. My legs are still pretty sore from yesterday, so they were a bothering me a bit while I was running. But, I really think the only way to help the soreness is to work them out- so this was just what they needed! After my run I did a bunch of ab work- for about 20 minutes. My total workout + stretching was about an hour, and I burned 400 calories. 🙂

For breakfast I had a protein shake- a vanilla one- not as good as the chocolate one I had been having. I actually think this ‘vanilla cream’ protein powder would be PERFECT for baking, but not so much for drinking it as a shake. It was just too creamy and sweet tasting.

probably good for baking, not for drinking

When I got to work I made egg whites & some toast around 10am.

Lunch was the usual- yogurt mess…and I had  FlatOut bread with some peanut butter around 4pm.

FlatOut bread

NOW on to the BEST part of the post! What I made for dinner—- While reading Julie’s blog on Tuesday, I read what she had for dinner & INSTANTLY knew I had to make that STAT! Easy Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. You NEED to get to your kitchen and make these PRONTO! They are to die for!! And, just like she wrote, SO easy 😀

I did make a few changes- so I’ll share with you what I did.

Here’s Julie’s recipe:

Easy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


  • One 3-ounce cooked chicken breast, pulled * I used 3 chicken breasts
  • 1 tbsp. Frank’s RedHot Wings Buffalo Sauce * I think I used about a 1/2 cup of this stuff- it’s SO good!
  • 1 tbsp. Grated Parmesan cheese * I used sprinkles of blu cheese that I happened to have in the fridge
  • 1 whole wheat hamburger bun or sandwich thin


Combine pulled chicken, Frank’s RedHot Wings Buffalo Sauce and Parmesan cheese in a bowl until chicken is fully coated. Microwave approximately 35 seconds until warm. Place buffalo chicken on top of whole wheat bun and enjoy!

***Here’s what I did: I put the chicken in the crock pot around noon (well, actually Craig did when he went home for lunch) along with some chicken broth- just added enough so that it covered the chicken breasts. Then he put it on low for me. When I got home around 6pm, I checked on it & it was doing good- so I just turned it to ‘warm’ and let it sit until I was ready to mix the other stuff in. Then it was time to shread the chicken;  I added the hot sauce & blu cheese sprinkles to the shredded chicken & mixed it all up. I then put it in the oven along with the other stuff I was making for about 10 minutes just to warm it all up (since the hot sauce was good) and to let the cheese crumbles melt a bit.

shredded chickenup close of the sandwich

 SO you wanna here Craig’s review?!?! After taking ONE bite, he said,’ DAMN! This is SOOOO GOOD! ‘ (pardon the language) And then he proceeded to eat a bit more & then said, ‘I know one thing, & this stuff is da*n good!!!!!!’ He LOVED it. He’s already asking me to make it again!! 🙂 I also REALLY enjoyed this. THIS recipe is my new GO-TO without a doubt crock pot recipe!!! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! Thanks for sharing it Julie :)Along with this I made roasted potatos with rosemary, garlic salt & pepper sprinkled on top.

rosemary potatos

my dinner (along with some veggies- broccoli & asparagus)

Another reason that I like that Craig is now going to the gym with me in the morning is that we can eat dinner earlier! Our typical time used to be 7:30pm, but tonight we ate at 6:45pm- so nice. It gives our bellies more time for the food to digest.

While eating dinner Craig mentioned that he was feeling a bit sick- like swollen lymph nodes in his neck, a bit of a sore throat & ear pain. I was like, ‘UH OH something HAS been going around.’ THREE people at my office have been REALLY sick these past two weeks- like out for three days kind of sickness! 😦 YUCK! The bad thing for me is that I have a weakened immune system due to the medication I am on for the Crohn’s disease, so I tend to pick up everything. I have been stocking up on my vitamins & hand sanitizing like every minute. But when Craig mentioned he thought was coming down with something, I knew I needed to step up my virus protection that minute 😀 So, after dinner we BOTH chugged some Airborne like it was going out of style.

drink up!

This stuff looks like the water that was in Shrek- you know the part in the very beginning??

I LOVE Shrek, it's one of my favorite movies!

So, now I propose a question to you: What do you do when you feel a cold coming on? OR what do you know when you are around someone 24/7 who is sick to avoid getting sick?? Help a sister out..please 😀

Have a great rest of the night- I’m off to watch Big Brother! I’m so glad Britney is not nominated- she’s my favorite!

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  1. Oh I so hear you on eating earlier. I hate to eat dinner past 6:30. We’re watching an episode of True Blood right now with BB DVRing so we can fast forward through commercials and all the intro crap 😉 Have a great evening!

  2. peanutbutterfingers

     /  September 2, 2010

    so glad both you AND craig liked the buffalo chicken! 🙂 gotta love easy & delicious meals. i wanna make it again already! 😀

  3. Okay, this one is easy enough for me. I need to invest in a crock pot soon. Also, your shrek comment was so random and I love it. 🙂

  4. What a great sandwich idea!

  5. Hey girl!

    Sorry i’ve been a bad blogger buddy as of late! Congrats on the engagement!!!! That is so exciting and I’m so happy for you 🙂

    Feel better and drink lots of fluids and curl up with a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup and some warm tea 🙂

  6. first off – do you think your vanilla protein would be good in greek yogurt? i always put vanilla jello pudding mix in mine but i am pretty sure that would way healthier. we should try it.
    second – at first i was going to be jealous because i thought you had made Julie’s mexican thing from the other night. I want to make that so bad!
    third – I HAVE A COUPON FOR HAPPY OURS! haha too funny. i will not be going there.
    fourth – i think i am going to call you sometime between tomorrow afternoon – monday. haha i feel like i have so much i want to talk about!

  7. If you feel a cold coming on….TONS of water, vitamin C, fresh fruits and veggies (deep colored ones), and ginger!!

    That’s what I do. I haven’t had a cold in years. 🙂

  8. Glad you’re using our product to make a tasty afternoon snack, Holly! Also, the Buffalo Chicken sandwich looks amazing – thanks for sharing the recipe!


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